Almost feeling sorry for A-Rod

Posted: October 8, 2007 in Uncategorized
Not me…Peter King. In today’s Monday Morning Quarterback he said, "e. I almost feel sorry for A-Rod. Almost." In other words, after not showing up for games 1 & 2, then being a non-factor in game 3, nobody is referring to A-Rod as Mr. October…still. YaY! I wonder if anyone has started documenting The Curse of the A-Rod yet…after all, the Red Sox originally tried to court A-Rod out of Texas (twice) when the Yankees suddenly jumped on him. Sounds like a payback superstition setup that worked wonderfully, if you ask me…make The Boss pay thru the nose, then reverse-sweep the Yankees on the way to the World Series, then hope it works again before A-Rod can opt out of his contract…
As an aside, King went on to say, "f. Can you imagine Joe Torre, 20 years from now, pulling a couple of grandchildren on his lap and saying, "Buffy, Jody, let me tell you the story of how Gramp got fired one time — and it had something to do with a swarm of tiny insects.” " However, 20 years from now his grandchildren will have already graduated college and approaching the age of 30…I doubt the brittle-boned legs of an 83-year-old man will support them very well…

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