NFL predictions, week 6

Posted: October 9, 2007 in Uncategorized
This week, I’ve decided to go with "Woody Picks". In other words, I’m primarily picking the winners and losers based on how cool their helmets look. Or how uncool…whatever. Results can’t be any worse than if I thought thru the process, right?
Vikings over Bears: C is for Cookie.
Browns over Dolphins: Plain orange is better than Flipper jumping thru a hoop.
Redskins over Packers: G is for Gookie…ok, that was bad…
Bengals over Chiefs: Tiger stripes are always cool.
Eagles over Jets: Your team name on a helmet, with no cool-looking logo? Bleh.
Titans over Bucs: The Jolly Roger was never meant to be on a RED flag. Heck, they shouldn’t have even used a flag at all. Titans logo has blue flames…way cool.
Jaguars over Texans: A mean-ass looking jungle cat, or a cow’s head painted red, white and blue…which would you want for your helmet?
Ravens over Rams: One has a bird that looks pissed off, the other looks like it wears overnight curlers for that bouncy look in the morning
Panthers over Cardinals: A big black cat eats a little red bird, film at 11.
Patriots over Cowboys: Someone needs to dance on the star this game.
Raiders over Chargers: It’s not just the helmet logo, it’s the colors, too.
Seahawks over Saints: Looks like something you wear on a necklace.
Giants over Falcons: Actually, the Falcons have the cooler looking helmet, but I just…can’t…pick…them…to win. Sorry.

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