Vick has officially lost it all

Posted: October 11, 2007 in Uncategorized
First he lost millions of fans when it became apparent he was into dog fighting. Then he lost millions of dollars in endorsements. Then he lost his friends, who turned on him. Then he lost his team, and potentially his career. Then he got sued for 63 billion (with a great big "B") for stealing pitbulls, and selling them on eBay to finance the purchase of missiles from Iran (ok, you knew somebody just had to do it, right?). Then he lost the few supporters still willing to stand up for him thru this crysis. Then he got sued for millions of dollars for defaulting on a real estate venture loan. Then he got sued for millions of dollars for a car rental venture. Then he lost 20 million of his signing bonus, to be returned to the Falcons (tho’ this is not guaranteed, and in fact is unlikely to happen after appeal). Then there is a Texas Tech jerk trying to make money off him with tasteless t-shirts depicting him dangling the Aggies’ mascot by the leash.
What more could possibly go wrong for Mike Vick?
Well, how about your old high school finally giving up you, too…and pulling your jersey from their trophy case.
Such a sad life. I suppose the only person who still loves him unconditionally is his dog.
OK, hold on now, don’t you go startin’ to slam me for that one, he damn well deserves it, you know it, shut the F up…

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