NFL Predictions, week 7

Posted: October 18, 2007 in Uncategorized
Using the "Woody Picks" actually worked! I increased my correctly picked winners from seven to…eight. It was worth a shot, anyway. This week, I’m going back to thinking…
Ravens over Bills: It’s a gimme-game for Baltimore
Bucs over Lions: Almost every time I bet against TB, they win. Almost every time I pick the Lions, they lose.
Patriots over Dolphins: I’d love to pick Miami as the upset of the week. Yes, I’m being sarcastic.
Saints over Falcons: NO seems to have finally put the pieces together.
Giants over 49ers: Eli ain’t great, but he’s good enough.
Redskins over Cardinals: Arizona is on their third QB, now that they lost Leinart and Warner.
Titans over Texans: Young has never missed a game in his life…and this is HOUSTON, you know he wants to tear them up again.
Bengals over Jets: Both huge disappointments, I’m going with home field on this one.
Chiefs over Raiders: I think the Chiefs simply want it more.
Cowboys over Vikings: Time to start beating up on lesser teams again, guys. Not worth the price of popcorn, tho’
Eagles over Bears: Going with home field again, and besides, I just want to see the Bears lose again.
Seahawks over Rams: Bulger’s back, but he’s still got hurt ribs.
Steelers over Broncos: Three critical components are coming off the injury list for this game, Denver is probably gonna get pummeled.
Colts over Jags: Finally, a Monday night game featuring two winning teams…but the Jags are seriously overmatched here.

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