NFL Predictions, week 8

Posted: October 26, 2007 in Uncategorized
Picked 10 correctly last week. Only 13 games this week, so it’s my best shot at winning that TV.
Lions over Bears: picking Detroit, of course, means the Bears will win
Steelers over Bengals: Cincy is still looking for a defense…oh look, here comes one from Pittsburgh!
Titans over Raiders: Young should be healthy, right? And has anybody heard anything about Oakland’s first pick?
Rams over Browns: St Louis has to win someday, and losing to the Browns would be so ego-deflating
Giants over Dolphins: Miami has to win someday…next year…and they’re jettisoning their ego-inflated players
Eagles over Vikings: Philly is slightly healthier
Colts over Panthers: Vinny was a wonderful story two weeks ago…this week, Manning’s gonna make him look like a dinosaur
Bills over Jets: I don’t think I’ve picked Buffalo yet this season, and the Jets have repeatedly let me down
Chargers over Texans: OK, so who ISN’T rooting for them this week…?
Bucs over Jaguars: The team with the experienced QB should win
Patriots over Redskins: Probably the toughest team they’ve met this season…until next week, that is
Saints over 49ers: I hope I’m not forced to watch this game
Packers over Broncos: Favre’s (supposedly) final MNF game…I expect something to happen

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