Something happened…

Posted: October 30, 2007 in Uncategorized
…just as I had hoped in my Week 8 predictions, Favre gave us one for the history books. What a finish. Let’s recap, shall we?
  • The first (and last) play of overtime was the biggest pass play of the night: 82 yards
  • It was the second-longest TD pass in NFL overtime history
  • It was GB’s first overtime victory on the road since 1983…which was also Howard Cosell’s last TV broadcast
  • The Pack is now 1-for-5 in the last six games at Mile High
  • The Pack is now 6-and-1 for just the third time since Farve became a cheesehead
  • A passer rating of 142.4

If this truly was Favre’s final MNF game, it was a trumpeter swan song. He may be better remembered for the MNF game he played after his dad died, but this game was certainly his permanent stamp on the game of football. People have been saying for years he should leave the game before old age tarnishes his legacy…but the man keeps building upon it instead.

I’m going to miss this gunslinger.


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