NFL Predictions, Week 9

Posted: October 31, 2007 in Uncategorized
I only got two games wrong last week, picking 11 correctly, my best effort so far. I’m definitely gonna drop my total score by one this time, because I can’t pick <enter team name here> to beat the Dolphins…they’re on their bye week.
49ers over Falcons: Atlanta is a mess right now, even in their locker room
Bengals over Bills: Cincy’s defense should be learning from their mistakes by now
Broncos over Lions: After a painful MNF loss, they’re gonna be fired up
Titans over Panthers: Young totally sucked last week, and they still won…he won’t suck two weeks in a row
Packers over Chiefs: Riding an emotional high
Chargers over Vikings: Let them call Jeff George back, who the heck is going to care…
Jaguars over Saints: Jacksonville has the better record, but NO has really poured it on the last few weeks…so this is my upset pick
Redskins over Jets: Boy, are these guys pissed…a lot of that frustration is going to be taken out on the hapless Jets
Bucs over Cardinals: Same story every year for Arizona: they look great on paper, they look good for the first few games, then half-way thru the season…bleh
Seahawks over Browns: Rested from a bye week…but still the underdog?
Patriots over Colts: The "battle of the unbeatens" game…Indy is going to get smoked, just like every other team
Cowboys over Eagles: Lots of boos will greet T.O., but he’s going to have the same impact as he did last year: little to none. Still, the ‘boys have way too many other weapons
Steelers over Ravens: What the heck went wrong with Baltimore’s defense this year?

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