NFL Predictions, week 11

Posted: November 15, 2007 in Uncategorized
I got three games correct last week…THREE. Funny thing was, the teams I picked were picked by the majority of voters (except for Miami…my bad) so we’re all in the same boat. So how do I handle this? For my picks this week, I’m going to pick the opposing team to win over the team I believe will win. Looking over the list, half of them actually have a chance, the other half could be surprises.
Falcons over Bucs: Bucs are hot, but strange things have been going on in Atlanta for the last couple of weeks…they’re actually winning games
Cardinals over Bengals: Actually, I could have gone either way, but I truly did flip on my choice here
Giants over Lions: Lions will do better than -18 yards rushing this week…question is, which NY team is going to Detroit?
Panthers over Packers: This was a painful flip, I’m pretty sure I don’t get a TV because of this pick
Chiefs over Colts: Three losses in a row? It could happen…
Raiders over Vikings: Only if Russell plays…where is that guy? Still warming the bench?
Dolphins over Eagles: No, I’m not really picking them two weeks in a row…this is Opposite Week, remember?
Chargers over Jaguars: How did they beat the Colts with an offense that bad? Oh yeah, Manning threw six interceptions…
Ravens over Browns: Another game that I could have gone either way
Texans over Saints: Sure, NO is back on track…but who’s to say they won’t stumble again? It’s happened before…
Jets over Steelers: ha-HAAAAA-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
Redskins over Cowboys: Intense rivalry…could WA knock them off their high horse this week? Hmmm.
49ers over Rams: Another game that I could have gone either way
Bears over Seahawks: This is just for a TV folks, I really am hoping Bad Rex shows up
Patriots over Bills: You didn’t think I would actually pick against NE, did you? Psych…
Titans over Broncos: Vince Young has totally sucked over the last couple of games, but he might actually show up this week

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