NFL Predictions, week 13

Posted: November 27, 2007 in Uncategorized
I improved to five wins in week 11…sheesh! Can you believe my pick of the Jets over the Steelers actually panned out? And with all the turkey stuff, I forgot to fill in my dance card at the Challenge for week 12…to be honest, I probably would have picked 10 correctly. On to week 13…
Packers over Cowboys: Tough choice. Neither has a running game, so we’ll see lots of air time…Favre should be the better passer. Defenses are relatively equal, too. Wow, tough choice.
Titans over Texans: I think Young has a personal goal to humiliate these guys at least 20 times during his career.
Colts over Jaguars: Another tough choice. Going with home field advantage on this one.
Chargers over Chiefs: Frauds, yes. But they should beat KC, considering they can’t decide on a starting QB.
Rams over Falcons: They destroyed Seattle during the first quarter, and lost only during the final possession…they will be too much for Atlanta.
Dolphins over Jets: They went to Heinz Lake, and held the Steelers scoreless until the final minute. They’re definitely good enough to beat the Jets (who isn’t?)
Lions over Vikings: Minnesota alternates their weeks between awesome wins and embarrassing losses…last week was an awesome win, so…
Seahawks over Eagles: Can you believe during the 4th quarter that AJ Feeley had better stats than Tom Brady? I mean, AJ Frickin’ FEELEY. Yes, they provided a blueprint on how to beat the Patriots…but they also provided a blueprint on how to be beaten, too.
Redskins over Bills: Another tough choice. But the ‘skins will be playing on emotion this week, and at home.
49ers over Panthers: Warner thru for almost 500 yards, and SF beat Arizona anyway. I think they have momentum now.
Broncos over Raiders: Again, unless Oakland throws Russell into the game. Damn, when is that guy gonna get on the field?
Browns over Cardinals: I want to say Arizona will bounce back, and at home…but I can’t for some odd reason. Could it be because they always completely unravel at this time of year? Perhaps…
Giants over Bears: Only cuz Eli doesn’t have to deal with a NY crowd booing on every down he plays…he’ll feel more comfortable away from home.
Saints over Bucs: Another tough choice. Should be a really good game, giving home field advantage here.
Bengals over Steelers: Will Heinz Lake be drained within six days? They got beat by the Jets, and they could barely defeat Miami, they won’t be so fortunate against a Bengals team that appears to have caught their stride.
Patriots over Ravens: Snooze-fest.

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