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Last chance for a TV…

Posted: December 27, 2007 in Uncategorized
Crap, I figured more upsets last week, so I ended up with 8-8 in my NFL predictions. This is the last week in the regular season, so…
Giants over Patriots: Both Brady and Moss will set records, and everybody thinks the Pats will go undefeated for the regular season. So I’m picking the Giants, despite Eli.
Seahawks over Falcons: Just a little momentum boost going into the playoffs.
Bears over Saints: Home game last week beat Green Bay with an ugly stick. Same thing for the Saints…
Browns over 49ers: Just a hunch.
Packers over Lions: Why doesn’t Ford have the intelligence or guts to realize Millen is worse than a house guest you don’t like, overstaying their welcome?
Dolphins over Bengals: I said I would pick against the Bengals this week, just keeping my word…
Eagles over Bills: Just a hunch.
Bucs over Panthers: Should be an easy win.
Texans over Jags: I don’t think the Jags have anything to play for, while Houston would like to end the year without another losing season.
Vikings over Broncos: They’ll pick up the pieces and bounce back.
Chargers over Raiders: Finally, Russell is going to start. However, he sucked last week, so all those things I said about how they’d win with him in the past is just that…in the past.
Chiefs over Jets: Thank goodness this game isn’t being televised in my market.
Cardinals over Rams: Just a hunch.
Redskins over Cowboys: Dallas really has nothing to play for, Romo will likely get pulled early, T.O. is out, Redskins hate them, etc.
Steelers over Ravens: To me, it sure did look like Trufant blew his cover on purpose last week.
Titans over Colts: What will Dungy do with his starters? I think he’ll let them play more than he did two years ago, but not the entire game.

What’s in YOUR wallet?

Posted: December 23, 2007 in Uncategorized
Some jackhole nailed Santa Claus to a cross to protest corporations using his image to get us to "buy more stuff". He used a picture of it as his Christmas cards, with the caption, "Santa died for your MasterCard".
Which just goes to show how out of touch this guy is…nobody takes MasterCard anymore, it’s a VISA world now…

NFL predictions, week 15

Posted: December 19, 2007 in Uncategorized
As last week showed, some teams are fighting, some are thru fighting for whatever reason, while others are scurrying into corners. Lots to play for with some this week, nothing for most…except those loozers who want to play spoiler.
Steelers over Rams: Finally playing indoors, and their defense has been doing a good job this year.
Panthers over Cowboys: Away game, Romo has a bad thumb, Owens has a bad attitude after last week, and Jessica will hopefully be there…
Bills over Giants: I think they’re pissed about missing the playoffs, and now it’s spoiler time.
Packers over Bears: Chicago isn’t good enough to play spoilers against the Pack…no spoilin’ to do anyway…
Browns over Bengals: I’m picking Cincy to lose next week against Miami, too.
Lions over Chiefs: Nothing to play for but personal redemption over last week
Texans over Colts: Five starters missing, others will sit after a couple of series, as Indy has nothing to play for. Houston needs the win to stay in the playoff hunt, they want it more
Saints over Eagles: The Eagles have nothing to play for except pride, the Saints have to win to stay in the playoff hunt. Philly may play spoiler, but I think Brees will be just a little better than McNabb.
Jaguars over Raiders: They’re going to demonstrate to Indy how to properly put these guys away.
Cardinals over Falcons: Just a hunch.
Bucs over 49ers: No Pro Bowls selections…they’re pissed, and Garcia would like to beat his old team
Titans over Jets: Home field, and Titans need this game to stay in the playoff hunt.
Dolphins over Patriots: Undefeated season? Miami is going to play this game tougher than any game this entire year. This should be fun to watch.
Seahawks over Ravens: Winning the final two games could possibly mean the championship game is played in Seattle…if certain other teams get whacked during the playoffs. They’re hoping…
Redskins over Vikings: Spoiler, the ‘skins are playing on an emotional high right now
Chargers over Broncos: LT is going to have a good night, and winning the next two games means they don’t have to face the Pats until the championship game…if SD makes it that far, of course

Bengals SUCK

Posted: December 16, 2007 in Uncategorized
I can’t believe it. This was a gimme game. Cincy has been disappointing this year, but for Gawd’s sake, they lost to the 49ers???? Two weeks from now, I’m picking the Dolphins to TOTALLY KICK THEIR SORRY ASSES AND LEAVE THE BOOT WEDGED WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE.
Oh yes, if they can’t beat the 49er’s third-string QB, they can’t beat the Dolphins. Ooooo, they piss me off.
In an ironic twist, the Clinton campaign warned the other day that should Barack Obama get the Dem nomination, the Republicans would jump on his admitted drug use as a teenager, pelting him with questions like, "Did you REALLY inhale, or did you just write that for street cred?"
Speaking of honesty, Barry "Fat Head" Bonds may go to prison for lacking that very quality. He lacks most other human qualities as well, but honesty is the one quality he probably now wishes he could have purchased after signing his last contract, cuz His name was called out 103 times in the Mitchell Probe, besting #2 cheater Roger Clemens by 21 mentions. For those who don’t do even the easiest of fractions well, it means Bonds is 20% more guilty than the next guy…can’t wait to hear his argument against this when he goes to court against the federal government. Of course, Clemens claims his absolute innocence.
While on the subject of baseball, we all knew the Yankees weren’t honest when they said they wouldn’t persue A-Rod in free agency, and today he signed on for another decade in pinstripes. But A-Rod gushed with honesty, basically saying he and his agent approached it all wrong. Translation: "Please stop hammering on me, City of New York, please! I really AM a decent guy! Stop all the hate!" OK, Alex, you get a reprieve…until Spring. Then NY is all over your dumb ass again, ‘k? The Curse of the A-Rod lives on!
Meanwhile, the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame isn’t being honest with anyone, especially with themselves. Do they have a clue what rock-n-roll is any more? Let’s look at this year’s nominees:
  • I think John Cougar once released an album that was kinda like rock, but John Cougar Mellencamp and John Mellencamp were more and more toward country music…to the point where he’s schlepping pickup trucks on TV with ultra-patriotic songs. Rock is about fast cars and giving the finger to authority, thank you very much.
  • She dabbled in several different styles, and yes, Donna Summer had a great voice. But once you’ve been labeled "The Queen of Disco", that should be an automatic denial for nomination, much less induction, for the Rock Hall.
  • Not enough disco inductions? Unlike Ms. Summers, Chic never did much other than disco music. This nomination should have been simple to not consider at all.
  • The Beastie Boys and a house-party DJ known as "The Grandfather of Hip-Hop" are nominated. The thing is, both used oversampled material written by legit rock stars to make a different kind of music altogether. Is this really fair?
  • No list of undeserving Rock Hall nominees would be complete without The Material Girl. She’ll carry on a sexual relationship with an entire basketball team, but has she ever even dated a rocker, much less recorded a song that even resembles rock music?

Well, Madonna and Mellonhead made it in. Ahhh, but you say the Rock Hall is bleeding money, they need to induct these people for the exposure and hopefully for more funding to stay afloat. To which a rocker can easily reply: they sold out. To hell with them.

NFL Predictions, week 15

Posted: December 12, 2007 in Uncategorized
Wow…got 14 games correct last week, but obviously I need to get at least 15 correct to win a TV. Still, that was my best week EVAR. The switch to Cincy was the right move, and I almost switched to Tennessee. Those damn Bucs always fail me…win or lose, I’ve only guessed them correct TWICE all year (losing to Indy wasn’t a guess, so it doesn’t count). Detroit gave me a bit of a scare. I think everyone knew the Falcons would get creamed, but who predicted their coach would quit hours after the game ended? This week’s predictions:
Texans over Broncos: If they can beat TB, they can beat Denver.
Bengals over 49ers: Cincy is feeling good, SF is in shambles and their QB is out.
Bills over Browns: I never thought I would ever say this about Cleveland: my upset choice of the week.
Titans over Chiefs: KC is on a major skid; Tennessee is going to bounce back.
Packers over Rams: GB can’t get 1st seed, but Favre isn’t going to sit out.
Ravens over Dolphins: I’d like to think Miami would play enough for pride to pull this out, but I don’t.
Patriots over Jets: It has nothing to do with that "spygate" thang…they’re just gonna get their asses kicked, that’s all.
Cardinals over Saints: Warner made major mistakes, but passed for a mile against Seattle. NO is working on six days of rest and missing their two starting backs.
Jaguars over Steelers: This should be the best game of the week…guaranteed (yes, pun intended)
Bucs over Falcons: This TB game also isn’t much of a guess…
Seahawks over Panthers: Seattle is five in a row, all cylinders firing correctly.
Colts over Raiders: Boy, I hope they don’t broadcast this as one of the games in my market…
Cowboys over Eagles: Maybe TO will be more of a factor this time.
Lions over Chargers: Detroit is playing for their lives, and I simply don’t trust Rivers to lead the team to a victory here.
Giants over Redskins: This one was actually tough to call…I might change my mind later.
Vikings over Bears: Stick a fork in Chicago, they’re done.

NFL Predictions, week 14

Posted: December 6, 2007 in Uncategorized
Jeez, I’m doing so much worse than last year…only got 8 correct last week. Saw TNF at a local tavern, and arrived just in time to get one of the last two available seats at the bar…the place was standing-room only by the time of kick-off. The vast majority were cheesehead fans. Favre did rather poorly until he got hurt, but Rodgers appeared to be a very competent QB, and we ended up with a great game.
I missed MNF, but Tuesday I read a news headline that a black Raven player accused a referee of calling him "boy". Naturally, I assumed some racial accusation was being made, but no…the player was upset because he is NOT a boy, he’s a man with three kids. And the ref is also black. So much for Sports Illustrated never being accused of headline sensationalism. But I digress, if some punk-ass kid with no respect for the officials walks up to a ref after a call and says, "You’ve never played football before"…to a man who played seven seasons as an offensive tackle in the NFL…he deserves to be called something. And Rolle shouldn’t be surprised if refs start calling him "stupid" now when he makes remarks like that.
/end rant
Redskins over Bears: They still need to win one for 21.
Bills over Dolphins: Stomped by the Jets? Before, I wouldn’t have bet they would go 0-16…now I do.
Bengals over Rams: My first reversal of the year. Bulger is out, so I’m going with Cincy now.
Cowboys over Lions: Detroit has tanked. The locker room is dividing. But even five weeks ago, they’re not good enough to beat Dallas.
Packers over Raiders: Tough call, actually. Favre may start, but I doubt he’ll last to halftime.
Chargers over Titans: Vince sucks this year (Madden curse, anyone?). The team can’t win without Haynesworth…will switch my vote if he starts.
Eagles over Giants: I don’t want to pick the Eagles. But I must. They simply had a brainfart losing to Seattle, they won’t do that against NY.
Jags over Panthers: This should be a gimme.
Bucs over Texans: Very stingy defense when it comes to points.
Vikings over 49ers: Another gimme game.
Seahawks over Cardinals: Arizona is too beat up right now, Seattle is quite healthy and ready to lock things up to get at least one home play-off game (and maybe a first-week bye)
Broncos over Chiefs: Tough call. But I’m picking Mile High.
Patriots over Steelers: The popular choice is Pittsburgh. People think they have the best shot to stop the "perfect season". I say that if you can’t beat the Jets, and you wait to the final minute to score against Miami, you’ll be on oxygen before half-time against the Pats.
Browns over Jets: They’re just having a really good year (finally…) and the Jets can’t steamroll every week…or even more than once a season, really.
Colts over Ravens: Six days rest. Depressing defeat against the Pats. Oh look, here comes the better Manning brother…
Saints over Falcons: I skipped last week’s MNF cuz I thought it would be a snoozer…this one probably will be, but maybe I shouldn’t take that chance again…