NFL Predictions, week 14

Posted: December 6, 2007 in Uncategorized
Jeez, I’m doing so much worse than last year…only got 8 correct last week. Saw TNF at a local tavern, and arrived just in time to get one of the last two available seats at the bar…the place was standing-room only by the time of kick-off. The vast majority were cheesehead fans. Favre did rather poorly until he got hurt, but Rodgers appeared to be a very competent QB, and we ended up with a great game.
I missed MNF, but Tuesday I read a news headline that a black Raven player accused a referee of calling him "boy". Naturally, I assumed some racial accusation was being made, but no…the player was upset because he is NOT a boy, he’s a man with three kids. And the ref is also black. So much for Sports Illustrated never being accused of headline sensationalism. But I digress, if some punk-ass kid with no respect for the officials walks up to a ref after a call and says, "You’ve never played football before"…to a man who played seven seasons as an offensive tackle in the NFL…he deserves to be called something. And Rolle shouldn’t be surprised if refs start calling him "stupid" now when he makes remarks like that.
/end rant
Redskins over Bears: They still need to win one for 21.
Bills over Dolphins: Stomped by the Jets? Before, I wouldn’t have bet they would go 0-16…now I do.
Bengals over Rams: My first reversal of the year. Bulger is out, so I’m going with Cincy now.
Cowboys over Lions: Detroit has tanked. The locker room is dividing. But even five weeks ago, they’re not good enough to beat Dallas.
Packers over Raiders: Tough call, actually. Favre may start, but I doubt he’ll last to halftime.
Chargers over Titans: Vince sucks this year (Madden curse, anyone?). The team can’t win without Haynesworth…will switch my vote if he starts.
Eagles over Giants: I don’t want to pick the Eagles. But I must. They simply had a brainfart losing to Seattle, they won’t do that against NY.
Jags over Panthers: This should be a gimme.
Bucs over Texans: Very stingy defense when it comes to points.
Vikings over 49ers: Another gimme game.
Seahawks over Cardinals: Arizona is too beat up right now, Seattle is quite healthy and ready to lock things up to get at least one home play-off game (and maybe a first-week bye)
Broncos over Chiefs: Tough call. But I’m picking Mile High.
Patriots over Steelers: The popular choice is Pittsburgh. People think they have the best shot to stop the "perfect season". I say that if you can’t beat the Jets, and you wait to the final minute to score against Miami, you’ll be on oxygen before half-time against the Pats.
Browns over Jets: They’re just having a really good year (finally…) and the Jets can’t steamroll every week…or even more than once a season, really.
Colts over Ravens: Six days rest. Depressing defeat against the Pats. Oh look, here comes the better Manning brother…
Saints over Falcons: I skipped last week’s MNF cuz I thought it would be a snoozer…this one probably will be, but maybe I shouldn’t take that chance again…

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