NFL Predictions, week 15

Posted: December 12, 2007 in Uncategorized
Wow…got 14 games correct last week, but obviously I need to get at least 15 correct to win a TV. Still, that was my best week EVAR. The switch to Cincy was the right move, and I almost switched to Tennessee. Those damn Bucs always fail me…win or lose, I’ve only guessed them correct TWICE all year (losing to Indy wasn’t a guess, so it doesn’t count). Detroit gave me a bit of a scare. I think everyone knew the Falcons would get creamed, but who predicted their coach would quit hours after the game ended? This week’s predictions:
Texans over Broncos: If they can beat TB, they can beat Denver.
Bengals over 49ers: Cincy is feeling good, SF is in shambles and their QB is out.
Bills over Browns: I never thought I would ever say this about Cleveland: my upset choice of the week.
Titans over Chiefs: KC is on a major skid; Tennessee is going to bounce back.
Packers over Rams: GB can’t get 1st seed, but Favre isn’t going to sit out.
Ravens over Dolphins: I’d like to think Miami would play enough for pride to pull this out, but I don’t.
Patriots over Jets: It has nothing to do with that "spygate" thang…they’re just gonna get their asses kicked, that’s all.
Cardinals over Saints: Warner made major mistakes, but passed for a mile against Seattle. NO is working on six days of rest and missing their two starting backs.
Jaguars over Steelers: This should be the best game of the week…guaranteed (yes, pun intended)
Bucs over Falcons: This TB game also isn’t much of a guess…
Seahawks over Panthers: Seattle is five in a row, all cylinders firing correctly.
Colts over Raiders: Boy, I hope they don’t broadcast this as one of the games in my market…
Cowboys over Eagles: Maybe TO will be more of a factor this time.
Lions over Chargers: Detroit is playing for their lives, and I simply don’t trust Rivers to lead the team to a victory here.
Giants over Redskins: This one was actually tough to call…I might change my mind later.
Vikings over Bears: Stick a fork in Chicago, they’re done.

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