Honesty will set you free…if it doesn’t kill you first

Posted: December 13, 2007 in Uncategorized
In an ironic twist, the Clinton campaign warned the other day that should Barack Obama get the Dem nomination, the Republicans would jump on his admitted drug use as a teenager, pelting him with questions like, "Did you REALLY inhale, or did you just write that for street cred?"
Speaking of honesty, Barry "Fat Head" Bonds may go to prison for lacking that very quality. He lacks most other human qualities as well, but honesty is the one quality he probably now wishes he could have purchased after signing his last contract, cuz His name was called out 103 times in the Mitchell Probe, besting #2 cheater Roger Clemens by 21 mentions. For those who don’t do even the easiest of fractions well, it means Bonds is 20% more guilty than the next guy…can’t wait to hear his argument against this when he goes to court against the federal government. Of course, Clemens claims his absolute innocence.
While on the subject of baseball, we all knew the Yankees weren’t honest when they said they wouldn’t persue A-Rod in free agency, and today he signed on for another decade in pinstripes. But A-Rod gushed with honesty, basically saying he and his agent approached it all wrong. Translation: "Please stop hammering on me, City of New York, please! I really AM a decent guy! Stop all the hate!" OK, Alex, you get a reprieve…until Spring. Then NY is all over your dumb ass again, ‘k? The Curse of the A-Rod lives on!
Meanwhile, the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame isn’t being honest with anyone, especially with themselves. Do they have a clue what rock-n-roll is any more? Let’s look at this year’s nominees:
  • I think John Cougar once released an album that was kinda like rock, but John Cougar Mellencamp and John Mellencamp were more and more toward country music…to the point where he’s schlepping pickup trucks on TV with ultra-patriotic songs. Rock is about fast cars and giving the finger to authority, thank you very much.
  • She dabbled in several different styles, and yes, Donna Summer had a great voice. But once you’ve been labeled "The Queen of Disco", that should be an automatic denial for nomination, much less induction, for the Rock Hall.
  • Not enough disco inductions? Unlike Ms. Summers, Chic never did much other than disco music. This nomination should have been simple to not consider at all.
  • The Beastie Boys and a house-party DJ known as "The Grandfather of Hip-Hop" are nominated. The thing is, both used oversampled material written by legit rock stars to make a different kind of music altogether. Is this really fair?
  • No list of undeserving Rock Hall nominees would be complete without The Material Girl. She’ll carry on a sexual relationship with an entire basketball team, but has she ever even dated a rocker, much less recorded a song that even resembles rock music?

Well, Madonna and Mellonhead made it in. Ahhh, but you say the Rock Hall is bleeding money, they need to induct these people for the exposure and hopefully for more funding to stay afloat. To which a rocker can easily reply: they sold out. To hell with them.


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