NFL predictions, week 15

Posted: December 19, 2007 in Uncategorized
As last week showed, some teams are fighting, some are thru fighting for whatever reason, while others are scurrying into corners. Lots to play for with some this week, nothing for most…except those loozers who want to play spoiler.
Steelers over Rams: Finally playing indoors, and their defense has been doing a good job this year.
Panthers over Cowboys: Away game, Romo has a bad thumb, Owens has a bad attitude after last week, and Jessica will hopefully be there…
Bills over Giants: I think they’re pissed about missing the playoffs, and now it’s spoiler time.
Packers over Bears: Chicago isn’t good enough to play spoilers against the Pack…no spoilin’ to do anyway…
Browns over Bengals: I’m picking Cincy to lose next week against Miami, too.
Lions over Chiefs: Nothing to play for but personal redemption over last week
Texans over Colts: Five starters missing, others will sit after a couple of series, as Indy has nothing to play for. Houston needs the win to stay in the playoff hunt, they want it more
Saints over Eagles: The Eagles have nothing to play for except pride, the Saints have to win to stay in the playoff hunt. Philly may play spoiler, but I think Brees will be just a little better than McNabb.
Jaguars over Raiders: They’re going to demonstrate to Indy how to properly put these guys away.
Cardinals over Falcons: Just a hunch.
Bucs over 49ers: No Pro Bowls selections…they’re pissed, and Garcia would like to beat his old team
Titans over Jets: Home field, and Titans need this game to stay in the playoff hunt.
Dolphins over Patriots: Undefeated season? Miami is going to play this game tougher than any game this entire year. This should be fun to watch.
Seahawks over Ravens: Winning the final two games could possibly mean the championship game is played in Seattle…if certain other teams get whacked during the playoffs. They’re hoping…
Redskins over Vikings: Spoiler, the ‘skins are playing on an emotional high right now
Chargers over Broncos: LT is going to have a good night, and winning the next two games means they don’t have to face the Pats until the championship game…if SD makes it that far, of course

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