Last chance for a TV…

Posted: December 27, 2007 in Uncategorized
Crap, I figured more upsets last week, so I ended up with 8-8 in my NFL predictions. This is the last week in the regular season, so…
Giants over Patriots: Both Brady and Moss will set records, and everybody thinks the Pats will go undefeated for the regular season. So I’m picking the Giants, despite Eli.
Seahawks over Falcons: Just a little momentum boost going into the playoffs.
Bears over Saints: Home game last week beat Green Bay with an ugly stick. Same thing for the Saints…
Browns over 49ers: Just a hunch.
Packers over Lions: Why doesn’t Ford have the intelligence or guts to realize Millen is worse than a house guest you don’t like, overstaying their welcome?
Dolphins over Bengals: I said I would pick against the Bengals this week, just keeping my word…
Eagles over Bills: Just a hunch.
Bucs over Panthers: Should be an easy win.
Texans over Jags: I don’t think the Jags have anything to play for, while Houston would like to end the year without another losing season.
Vikings over Broncos: They’ll pick up the pieces and bounce back.
Chargers over Raiders: Finally, Russell is going to start. However, he sucked last week, so all those things I said about how they’d win with him in the past is just that…in the past.
Chiefs over Jets: Thank goodness this game isn’t being televised in my market.
Cardinals over Rams: Just a hunch.
Redskins over Cowboys: Dallas really has nothing to play for, Romo will likely get pulled early, T.O. is out, Redskins hate them, etc.
Steelers over Ravens: To me, it sure did look like Trufant blew his cover on purpose last week.
Titans over Colts: What will Dungy do with his starters? I think he’ll let them play more than he did two years ago, but not the entire game.

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