The Fonz in bronz!

Posted: January 25, 2008 in Uncategorized
Yep, the coolest guy in TV sitcom history is getting erected in bronze in Milwaukee, possibly along the river. At least it wasn’t Laverne and Shirley in front of some brewery. Next in line should be a bronze statue of Frazier in Seattle…maybe it could be placed in the spot where Frazier’s condo supposedly stands…
Al "Just win, baby" Davis apparently sent a letter to his first-year head coach asking him to quit the Raiders, despite the fact that his new coach won TWICE as many games this year as his predecessor did last year. OK, so winning four games isn’t much, but it was the best season the Silver & Black has had in years. The coach refused to acquiesce the owner’s request, no idea if he also used the US Postal Service. But I digress…Al, grow a pair and fire him like every other NFL owner does! Sheesh! You’re acting like this is your first time running a football team, for Pete’s sake…
This never ceases to amaze me…a retired cop posed as a 13-year-old girl on Internet chat rooms and nails a pedophile. The perp happens to be both a city mayor and the pastor of a local church. Hasn’t anyone ever seen Dateline? You’d think that prominent, responsible, trusted leaders of a community would resist the temptation to destroy their careers and families.
Speaking of intelligence, I like to think that I work with some of the smartest minds in the world at my company. At the beginning of this week, there was a security guard sitting outside the men’s restroom keeping people from going in…he said they were cleaning up some flooding, so I assumed there was a pipe breakage or something. Two days later, I go into that men’s bathroom and realize the floor around the urinals is one big puddle, and there are three guys standing in the puddle using the urinals. I took a look at the one vacant urinal and saw that the drain hole was stuffed with paper towels…these guys were standing in piss water, and they were flushing other urinals stuffed with paper towels. Yesterday I go into the restroom again, and sure enough, two urinals have been clogged with paper towels again. Obviously, we have a disgruntled employee who has the mentality of a 10-year-old. Then today I go in, and somebody had decided to print out and post a notice next to the urinals basically stating, "Please do not put paper towels in urinals: causes flooding!". The disgruntled employee probably got a laugh. Yup, I work with some real bright minds…

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