Need a converter box?

Posted: February 12, 2008 in Uncategorized
Turns out that there is a 90-day expiration period on the coupons the government is issuing for people to save $40 toward a converter box that will allow digital TV signals to be converted to analog format so that you can continue watching television shows. If you have applied for a coupon, you’ll get it next week…or, about 365 days before the switch happens. So basically, you have to buy now and then store the converter box in a drawer for at least nine months before it will be useful. Anybody want to lay down some money on how much less those converter boxes will cost 12 months from now, essentially negating any savings the coupon supposedly gives you? Didn’t think so…
To make matters worse, there is a lot of false FUD concerning the impending digital switch…consider the following quote from the link above:
The coupon program applies only to about 13 million to 21 million owners of the older-model sets that rely on antennas to watch TV.
There has been a lot of false reporting like this, and a lot of people think they need the converter when they don’t. In truth, the digital switch will apply to:
  1. people who depend on a roof-top or rabbit-ear antenna to receive TV signals, and/or…
  2. televisions that don’t have a built-in digital tuner

So if your television is 20 years old, you subscribe to cable, and you have a set-top box provided by your cable company, you won’t even notice that the digital switch has happened. If you bought your TV yesterday, it has a digital tuner, and you use an over-the-air antenna, you also won’t notice anything. Link.

On the plus side…three years ago the digital switch was scheduled to happen last year, and someone at work decided to purchase a new DLP and sell his old TV, thinking it would soon be obsolete. So I picked up a gorgeous, 36" FD Trintron for $100. I shit you not. Just four years earlier, that TV retailed for $1400. I see deals on CRT televisions all the time now, people are dumping them as they upgrade thinking they’ll soon be obsolete. Personally, I’m going to be enjoying this "obsolete" TV for quite some time after the digital switch occurs…keep your eyes open for killer deals on fantastic televisions! There are a lot of uninformed people out there!


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