Posted: February 18, 2008 in Uncategorized
You might recall the time I posted about this butthole, John Bruce "Jack" Thompson, who claimed that the Virginia Tech Massacre was conducted by someone who trained himself to kill utilizing the game Half-Life: Counter-Strike…which wasn’t possible, since it was essentially proven beyond reasonable doubt the kid never played ANY video games. Then the idiot sends a letter to Bill Gates, blaming Microsoft for 32 deaths…even though it was an entirely different software company that wrote the game. Oh sure, Microsoft Games published the Xbox port of Counter-Strike, but the VT shooter didn’t own or play on an Xbox.
Well, another campus shooting rampage at NIU, and another shot at sensationalist stardom for Mr. Butthole. This time, his hunch was correct: the kid reportedly had played Counter-Strike. Again, the game is to blame, and the fact that the shooter went off his meds should be considered just a footnote. Now Mr. Butthole is threatening to sue NIU if they do not provide all documentation that the shooter played violent video games. In fact, he is so brain-dead that he states in his threat letter that the shooter at Virginia Tech had also "trained" with Counter-Strike, which everyone else in the world knows isn’t true.
The best part is that the only air-time he could get was with FOX News…in other words, the respectable news media outlets won’t give him the time of day. Instead, they are essentially IGNORING the butthole. A quick search at Google News shows biting commentary by msnbc.com, and…well, nobody else, really.
And why would they pay any attention to him? It turns out he was a complete failure as an attorney, and likes to publicly insult people who don’t agree with him. But I’ll bet he’s going to turn up the volume so that other news media outlets can’t ignore him and will start reporting on him…maybe he’ll shoot somebody just to prove a point or something…

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