Steve Jobs = Waffle

Posted: March 20, 2008 in Uncategorized
You may recall a blog post I made months ago detailing that Steve Jobs claimed, "The subscription model has failed so far". That came on the heels of the fact that his market-leading iTunes service had a whopping 2% success rate with the iPod. Of course, everyone remembers how he sold DRM-free music before any other service, and with that 2% success rate, it was pretty obvious why he suddenly went that route.
Lo and behold, we now see a report that Apple iTunes has supposedly been negotiating with record labels so they can offer their own subscription service…which they themselves claimed was a failed model. The report points out it’s just for the iPhone, but come on…everybody knows the iPhone is simply a glorified multimedia device that also happens to have cell phone capabilities built in. Even their commercials painstakingly point out that angle.
Can Apple be the one that actually makes the subscription model work? Well, let’s see…a 2% success rate with the old DRM iTunes = a complete failure. They’ve been curiously silent about whether or not DRM-free music has given them a boost in sales, but the reduction in price six months ago from $1.29 per track to 99 cents per track probably indicates they blew it again.
So…I would say they’re ready to move on to their next failure now. Maybe they’re even a little overdue…you go, Steve! Desperation only makes you stronger!

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