Organized crime = IRS

Posted: April 6, 2008 in Uncategorized
Many won’t argue this point. The IRS takes our money, and if we ask politely, they’ll give a small part of it back to us…without interest. Now, if you take the time to actually read the thick federal income tax publication (#17, catalog #10311G) for individuals, there are several items for which you are required to report as taxable income that you may have not thought about. Been bribed lately? According to page 87, that’s taxable. Getting kickbacks? That’s covered on page 89. Illegal income, such as money from dealing illegal drugs, must also be included on your 1040 if from your self-employment activity. So I guess that means if you’re employed by a drug dealer, you’re in the clear…he’s the one who has to withhold your earnings for tax purposes. If you steal, you have to report the property’s fair market value…unless of course you returned it to the rightful owner during the same taxable year, and what thief doesn’t just borrow something until Christmas time, huh?

In other stupid government things going on, Hillary has been using a tear-jerker story on the campaign trail about a woman who got pregnant, lost the baby, then lost her life due to complications…all because she was denied treatment for being broke and having no insurance. Naturally, the hospital where this woman went for help provided records showing she actually did receive treatment. No word yet if the woman was under threat of sniper fire on her way in…

More stupid people? OK, let’s move to our favorite repeat target, Pacman Jones. He goes on a radio program and sez, "Man, I’m at the end of the cliff, and if I slip off, I fall off." Sounds like he finally realizes that he’s got to walk the straight and narrow if he wants an NFL career, right? Um, maybe not…first he sez that he plans to stay out of strip clubs "for a couple years" and backed that statement up by saying, "You never say never". Yup, I’m sure the commish has no idea about that radio program…good luck, Dallas!

Let’s cover an entire company. Yahoo COULD have agreed to a buyout of 44.6 bill-yun dollars. But they didn’t…now the value of the offer is only 41B. How would you like to be the boss to have blown nearly four billion dollars? And then have your company under threat of being violently stripped out of your control? Guys, you’re not Google…


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