Seahawks 2008 sched+ & predictions

Posted: April 15, 2008 in Uncategorized
At first glance, it doesn’t look as tough of a schedule as last year looked, but looks are deceiving. The BYE week comes really early (week 4), so the team may be pretty beat up going down the stretch. And we have four games on the East Coast, although we don’t have to travel two weeks in a row, which is a plus.
Buffalo: ‘hawks usually start out strong with their first game, and the Bills are usually weak all year long. Seattle.
San Francisco: they beat Seattle twice in 2006, we beat them twice last year. Going with home field advantage. Seattle.
St. Louis: Josh Brown isn’t going to win this game with a last-minute field goal. Seattle.
New York: defending Super Bowl champs, but the Giants hardly ever win their home games anymore, and Eli tied for most interceptions last year. Seattle.
Green Bay: by this time, either Aaron Rodgers will be seasoned enough to lead, or injured and replaced by an un-retired Favre (one can only dream). Still, that team is a bunch of nobodies who rose to the call last year because of Favre. Seattle.
Tampa Bay: can never figure these guys out. But it’s Sunday night, they have home field. Tampa Bay.
San Francisco: Going with home field. San Fran.
Philadelphia: they are always playoff favorites. Seattle is going to be banged up. Philly.
Miami: we can’t ever seem to beat them on their home turf. Tuna’s making big changes. Miami.
Arizona: this is the point in the season that the ‘cards always begin their implosion. Seattle.
Washington: ‘hawks seldom beat them during the regular season, but it’s a home game, and a streak has to end sometime. Seattle.
Dallas: this is the point in the season that Romo always begins his implosion. Seattle.
New England: oh, please. Sunday night, but even tho’ we’re at home…NE.
St. Louis: Sweep. Seattle.
New York: the other NY. I suppose I shouldn’t underestimate any team, but…Seattle.
Arizona: ‘hawks already playoff-bound, ‘cards struggling to get in. Who has more heart? Arizona.
OK, 10-6. No lock on division, but playoff-bound. We might actually win Miami because of the massive rebuilding going on, so maybe 11-5.

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