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Posted: April 23, 2008 in Uncategorized
First, the City of Seattle sued to keep the SuperSonics in town until at least the end of their lease with the Coliseum. Then Ballmer and friends stepped up to try and keep the SuperSonics in Seattle. Then NBA commissioner David Stern fined one of the new owners a quarter-mil for publicly saying they didn’t buy the team to keep them in Seattle. Now Howard Schultz, originally a principal owner of the SuperSonics (notice a trend with the team name…?) has filed suit against the new owners claiming overt deception in sale negotiations. Of course, the first hint the new owners lied was dumping Ray Allen so quickly like they did…any idiot could see they were going for a "Major League" scenario. What’s Allen doing now? Oh yeah…on his way to the championship with the Celtics.

Whether or not any of this keeps the team in Seattle, one thing should be pointed out very clearly: who the FUCK is ever going to trust David Stern again? His credibility, if not shot now, may very well be shot in the near future. I won’t be surprised if discovery finds he took payola to relocate an NBA team to a tiny little market. One look at the emails, and it’s easy to see he liked having his boots lavishedly and sloberly licked by Bennett.

Anyway, kudos to Seattle, Ballmer’s group and Schultz…at the very least, we get nice little soap opera to bid farewell to our team.

Down the street, it has become known that Liberty Mutual has purchased Safeco at a 51% premium (hello, Yahoo…??? Still feeling smart?) Which begs the question: will they rebrand Mariner stadium? Well, one of their people sez, "It definitely
will not be Liberty Mutual stadium. You’ll be going to
Safeco Field to enjoy the Mariners all summer long and for many summers
to come." Personally, I won’t be surprised if Clay Bennett is on their Board of Directors…

In other news, Hannah Montana is getting paid seven figures to write her memoir. Oh, yeah baby…I want to read a life-book of someone who isn’t old enough to have a driver’s license. Good reading, to be sure…

Well, Hillary won Philly. Yay. I thought that primary would NEVER come, it was like waiting for Episode 1 to be released, with the same deflating outcome. Just two more state primaries before she figures out it’s a tie (at best). Personally, I’m getting tired of all the negativity she throws at the Obama camp. At least she raised almost half as much campaign funding as Obama…

Whoa, hold on…I officially throw my support behind Obama. Whew! That should keep all the phone calls down from those media outlets…

Are you holding the Olympic Torch? Yes? Can anybody SEE you holding the Olympic Torch? No? Then sit the hell down and free Tibet, for Pete’s sake…jeezus, this is a little soap opera to consume an entire nation at a time that all nations should come together. Speaking of which, the Chinese are suing CNN for calling them "goons". Hold on, was there a misspelling by one character there? No? Then shut the hell up, China…

Yes, I’m in a crappy mood today.

Wikipedia wants to publish in print. I remember as a teenager, so many people had an encyclopedia, with a dozen books on a shelf. Remember all those infomercials back then? Oh yeah…I seriously want an encyclopedia that consumes an entire house, written by a bunch of basement dwellers who HAVE NO LIFE. Get real, Bertelsmann. OK, so I exaggerate a little…it’ll be a "yearbook" with only the "most popular keywords" in a "condensed form". Yup, that will be an interesting read. Can’t wait for Wikipedia’s memoirs…


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