Maybe adopting 30 kids would be a mistake…

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Uncategorized
So I’m just surfing around, and come across this msnbc story about how much wasps love orchids. Researchers found that males of a species called orchid-dupe-wasps "go all the way" with
Australian "tongue orchids", wasting their precious bodily fluids in the
process. I couldn’t think of an appropriate "perfect" response, so I’m making this one multiple-choice:

  • And you thought you could always avoid perverted sex on the Internet
  • "Tongue orchid" replaced the 4-star rating in Bill Clinton’s little black book
  • When everybody hates you, what better way to spend your short life than wasting precious bodily fluids?
  • So this totally explains why they get so excited after being lured into my wasp trap…


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