Updated games list

Posted: May 4, 2008 in Uncategorized
I kinda dropped off of gaming a few months before my son was born…that means it’s been nearly two years since I fragged regularly! At the time, I was about half-way finished with HL2, but ya know, more important things need to be accomplished on a daily basis now. So I built my new machine last October with an 8600GTS cuz I knew I wouldn’t get the value of a card that cost more than twice as much.

Since I have a huge hard drive, I installed all the games I’ve been meaning to play (or play again) when I did a rebuild a few months ago…stuff like Jedi Outcast, Far Cry, MoH, Quake4…even Deus Ex! But still didn’t play. Last Xmas I received UT3 as a gift, and that kinda changed things: I started playing it, and have run thru all the "instant action" maps. So I downloaded a bunch of maps from independent designers, and ran thru all of those as well. BTW, I will soon be adding all of the maps I have found to my Skydrive account, in case you’d like to have an easy place to find them.

The shocking thing was that I cranked UT3 settings to 1600×1200/Intense, and the game doesn’t hiccup. It’s silky smooth on my 8600GTS. The Unreal3 engine is amazing. Anyway, I finally weened myself away from UT3 last week to try playing F.E.A.R…which has been sitting unopened on a shelf for well over a year (the previous year’s Xmas gift). Although it’s a 2005 release, I can’t crank everything to maximum, although if I drop to 1280×1024, I can enable 4x AA and it’s pretty-darned performant and looks stunning. And it truly is as fun as everyone sez it is…and kinda scary. After that, I’m going to finish HL2. Next up will be Quake Wars and Gears of War, although I tried launching GoW a few weeks ago, and my video card DEFINITELY doesn’t cut it for that game. I’ll likely upgrade to a real gaming card by the time I finish HL2…since I can only devote an hour or two a day, a 9800 X2 should cost less-than $200 around that time…

Finally got around to changing my theme…for Pete’s sake, why use a theme of a game that I can’t even play? Well, at least until they release a Windows version of Halo 3, which probably won’t be for at least another year…if ever.


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