Religious people make me cringe

Posted: May 7, 2008 in Uncategorized
Let me begin by saying I believe in God, I break as few commandments as possible, and I believe in freedom of religion. With that said, I do not believe in organized religion, nor do I believe in (most of) the men who lead those religions. When you get saturated by stories about things like David Koresh, religious sects that practice polygamy, the so-called "Islamic extremists", and a couple-hundred Catholic priests sinning away with young boys, you get a little jaded after a while.

So then I read this story about an investor who wants to build a bible-themed amusement park. That sounds nice, right? He just wants additional funding from the county to help pay for it. Well, a little digging into his past found that he was once a photographer for Penthouse magazine, taking pics of neked women. Whoops…that’s frowned upon in bible-belt states like Tennessee, they don’t like giving their money to people like that. But it happened a long time ago, back when he was hungry, and the mayor said, "I am not going to judge what any person did 35 years ago that might
not be appropriate," Burgess said. "It isn’t illegal, but it was not
anything I would have participated in."

That’s very noble and forgiving, Mr. Mayor. You appear to be a true Christian. However, consider this: that man also was a founder of a company called C2 Media, which wrote perhaps the single most annoying and pervasive piece of malware in computing history, infecting tens of millions of computers worldwide, and almost impossible to get rid of. Yup, I’m talking about LOP. You might be able to forgive him as a Christian, Mr. Mayor, but everyone on the Interweb hates his guts.

Then we have this guy, who claims that God told him that he is the Messiah (rolling eyes emoticon). And of course, that the world would end on Hollow’s Eve of last year. So when the sun rose on November 1st and we all checked ourselves to make sure we’re still in one piece, he naturally says it’s cuz we’re living on borrowed time. So since he’s got nothing better to do (hey, it’s hard to schedule stuff past your last day on Earth…), he’s decided to relax, kick back, and lay neked with a bunch of teenage girls. Of course, it’s not his doing, he’s just going along for the ride since, "It was God. God came down on them and told them to do it." Yeah, well, God told me I should go buy a 52" plasma, but after I pointed out that my wife would kill me, he said, "Ya know, maybe that isn’t such a good idea after all…"


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