They applied lipstick on a pig

Posted: May 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

Imagine the entire world’s surprise when they go to and see the following headline:

Wait…we’re happier with cable service? Comcast totally kills my bandwidth whenever I launch BitTorrent. They didn’t make available to me to watch Thursday Night Football until the end of last season, nor did they let me watch several play-off games…and wanted me to pay them a massive 30% premium for just 24 hours of entertainment. They charge me for 30 channels of shit that I will never watch…no, I don’t want to shop on TV or watch golf all day. And up until the gas crisis started a few months ago, they had the highest yearly increase of fees by a VERY large margin over any other industry for decades. Comcast isn’t getting better…they are much, much worse than they were just one year ago, and they weren’t good back then. We’re happier about all this?

Then I opened the link. It turns out that smaller cable companies screwed the curve in a huge way, with 15 points superiority to Comcast scores and 10 points superior to Time-Warner, which off-sets the average numbers and makes the last-place, mega-huge bottom-feeders such as Comcast look better overall…and gives some dumb-ass news editor a reason to spin a positive headline. In addition, satellite TV providers are also included in these numbers (what…? They’re not cable!), and satellite gets far better scores as well…over 10 points superior to Comcast…screwing the curve that much further.

In truth: the largest cable company in the country took a massive two-point hit as compared to last year’s survey. It’s not so much that they retained their crown as last place champions, what matters is that they are getting even WORSE.

Consumers are happier with cable services? The vast majority of us have either Comcast or Time-Warner, and it’s PAINFULLY obvious that we are getting more infuriated over cable services with each passing year.

Whomever wrote and/or approved that headline should be fired and shot…not necessarily in that order.


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