Tiger the best? Not anymore…

Posted: June 16, 2008 in Uncategorized
I can’t believe I actually watched golf on TV this weekend…what’s
next, bowling? Am I doomed to be fixated by The Weather Channel within
a few short years?

I heard my neighbor yesterday exclaiming to his wife that "Rocco was
still in it" for the US Open. Of course, I wondered who the hell was
this "Rocco" character, and where did he come from? Never heard of him.
But he’s apparently going toe-to-toe with Tiger Woods. So I had to
watch when I got back inside after a day of yard work…

We’ve all gotten used to the fact that Tiger has been ranked #1 since
he was, what…six years old? And we’ve gotten used to the fact that
the other top-ranked golfers just go on tour to win Second Place and
feed their families and buy a new Porche. But Rocco wasn’t a top-ranked
golfer. He wasn’t ranked in the top 50. He wasn’t ranked in the top
100. To be more specific, there were 156 golfers, plus Tiger…in the world…ranked higher than Rocco.

On the 72th hole, Tiger was able to TIE with Rocco and force an 18-hole
playoff. Then Tiger was able to TIE with Rocco on the playoff and force
sudden-death. But I keep seeing stories like this one calling it "epic" for Tiger. Too many sports writers playing up Tiger’s recent knee surgery…except, this was his third knee surgery. C’mon guys, barely surviving a competition with somebody ranked 158th is not "epic" for Tiger.

However, being ranked 158th, having a bad back, and going all the way to sudden death with Tiger Woods…now THAT’S epic.

The article linked above sez, "There’s no sense debating the greatness that is Tiger Woods anymore."
Oh, please…a low-ranked player took Tiger past the Open, past a
playoff, and was one hole away from beating the almighty Tiger Woods.
This is the tour that people will look back on a couple of years from
now and realize that this tour was the beginning of the end of Tiger’s


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