Comcast actually HASN’T hit rock-bottom yet…

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

You may recall this post from six weeks ago, where I railed against a hugely misleading…ok, borderline complete fabrication… news headline claiming we’re all "happier" with cable service. After reading the story, we find that the truth is that cable service satisfaction actually DROPPED, especially for the largest provider in the country, Comcast.

Turns out that isn’t the only company that will lie thru their headlines. If you have Comcast for your cable TV service, you no doubt have repeatedly seen their "assurance" public announcement spots saying that with their service, you will not be impacted at all when the digital switch occurs next February. They even put it in black-n-white on their website:

If all your TVs are currently connected to Comcast, you don’t have to worry about a thing. When February 17, 2009 rolls around, you can just sit back, relax and keep watching your favorite shows

If you call them, you will find out that the majority of their customers will have an enormous number of things to worry about. Specifically, that any TV connected directly to the cable will be reduced to what you watched 25 years ago: channels 2 thru 13 only. More specifically, if your favorite shows are on Sci-Fi, Comedy Central, HGTV, ESPN, etc, you will NOT keep watching them as (loudly) advertised.

We have three TVs in our house, all connected directly to the cable. If we wish to continue watching our favorite shows, on any TV like we do now, we must increase the amount of money we pay to Comcast by about 20-40%…this is because we will be forced to rent cable boxes at anywhere from 5-10 bucks a month for each box. Many Comcast customers are in the same boat as we are. Quite a large number of people have a single cable box for their primary TV, while any secondary televisions are hooked directly to the cable. I would assume few Comcast customers rent boxes for all the TVs in their homes. The FCC claims there are over 100 million televisions connected directly to the cable.

In other words, Comcast is going to make a killing in renting boxes to their customers when that digital switch happens. I’ll bet they have several warehouses in each state, full of these things, ready to roll out. Buy your Comcast shares NOW, before their profits skyrocket.

Do we have until February to decide what to do? Possibly not…Comcast has publicly said they will make the digital conversion switch months earlier in about 20% of their markets. They have not specified WHICH markets will be forced to rent boxes long before February 17 "rolls around".

They are going to royally piss off tens of millions of customers. Few to none of us saw this coming. If Comcast thought yet another last-place finish in customer satisfaction this year was bad, just wait until they get rated next year.

For a moment, ignore the fact that satellite service has a far superior customer satisfaction rating than cable service…is satellite starting to look a whole lot better to you now?


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