Finally finished F.E.A.R.

Posted: July 19, 2008 in Uncategorized
Excellent game, and quite difficult to make it with decent health and
armor on Moderate Difficulty (I never go with "easy"). On the last
series of checkpoints, I lost all weapons except a sidearm…even
though I had access to shotguns and other weapons (before losing them
again), I ended up going exclusively with the sidearm, since I only had
to take out ghouls. I guess the last couple of checkpoints were too
simplistic because of that, although I needed to constantly save game
cuz I thought I needed as much health and armor as I could retain
(didn’t realize how close I was to the end), so I ended the game with
160 health, 100 armor, and half the amount of sidearm bullets I could

Probably the best feature was "reflex time", which was extremely
cool…sometimes wish I had used it more often. However, a cool attack
feature I never utilized was melee, although I was a recipient of melee
numerous times.

Finding out who I was at the end of the game was so much of a surprise, I didn’t think I was correct. Had to hit the wiki page just to be sure.

It reminded me of the original Half-Life, and how much fun and
"creepiness" I had with that game. Except that F.E.A.R. had a much
better soundscape to lure you in. And some scenes were really kinda
disturbing, stuff I’ve never expected from a game…movies, sure, but
not games.

Might try out the multiplayer next. Or perhaps I should just move on to the next game, there are so many more I want to play…


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