Whole house fan update

Posted: July 20, 2008 in Uncategorized
This actually works pretty well. The kid usually wakes us up around 7:30, and the house is about 74 degrees on the main level…I open doors/windows on each level, and about a half-hour later it’s 69 degrees (cooler on the lower level). We close up the house and shut down the fan around 9:30, and the main level gets as high as 80 degrees in the late afternoon, but that’s for a short time since the temps outside are starting to drop by then. About 6PM, we open up and crank the fan again, and even just the breeze thru the house makes it feel cooler. We can usually get the house into the low-70s before we go to bed. However, once the temp hits 74, the wife complains because with the wind-chill factor, it feels more like 70 degrees, so she grabs a blanket or sweatshirt.

During previous summers without the fans, the main level would be in the 80s soon after lunch. The bedroom would be in the 90s in the evening. And with all the windows and doors open, we could never get the temps to drop much. The summer is so much more tolerable now. The wife asked me last week if I thought we did the right thing spending the money on it, and then I reminded her that we normally slept on the pull-out couch downstairs cuz it was so hot in the bedroom at night.

The attic fan kicks in around 10AM most days, runs constantly into the late evening, and obviously helps a lot. So yeah, way less expensive than installing air conditioning, way less expensive to run than an air conditioner, and our house is relatively cooler overall throughout the day.


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