Sportsmanship, or lack thereof, in sports

Posted: July 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

No football player from Army had been drafted by an NFL team in over a decade, with the last Army draftee being the classic "Mr. Irrelevant". The Army has a policy that allows their players to enter the NFL draft, and Caleb Campbell was allowed to enter the draft "in good faith". However, the Dept. of Defense has a policy that nullifies Army policy, so the DoD refuses to release Campbell from his Army duties for a minimum of two years. What, the DoD simply decided that if they can’t draft kids, neither can anybody else?

Brett Favre wants to un-retire, but he apparently doesn’t want to play for the Packers. Now we find out he was using a company phone to repeatedly call a head coach from a divisional rival team, probably for a job interview. Favre obviously figured he would never get caught as long as he didn’t use email…

When you look at A-Rod, it seems that (other than his recent performance on the field) his life is falling apart around him: his wife is suing for a (potentially very nasty) divorce, he threw a party during the All-Star break of which not a single teammate stopped by for free booze, and now some guy wants a ton of money for a sex video he has of A-Rod getting it on with Madonna. Obviously in a fit of despair, A-Rod signed with a talent agency, and the agency said A-Rod was "one of the world’s most iconic athletes whose personality transcends sports." That’s probably one of the most creative ways of calling someone an asshole that I’ve ever heard…

Jeremy Shockey missed out on participating in the Super Bowl due to injury, then demanded for months to be traded to another team. The Giants granted his wish. Now Shockey has been found to have also publicly said, "If the team trades me, I promise you I’m going to make them pay. If I ever get a chance to play against a team that trades me, it’s not going to be a pretty sight." What would happen if Madonna didn’t want to sleep with him? Would he go on a ‘roid rampage?

Danica Patrick has been building a reputation of getting into other drivers’ faces and bitching them out, but none of the guys will let her get their goat cuz they’d be arrested if they punched her out. So she has decided to start picking on the other chicks instead…

The three dozen people who complained about seeing Janet Jackson’s nipple ring for nine-sixteenths of one second on the Super Bowl halftime show a few years ago are furious that a federal appeals court tossed the $550,000 fine levied against CBS. Yes, sore winners can be sore losers, too. Unfortunately, I was one of the very few in the nation who attended an SB party that didn’t have Tivo…


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