DRM: the misery continues

Posted: July 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yahoo is the latest company to hang their customers out to dry when it comes to downloaded files that are protected with DRM. They have just announced that they are shutting down their DRM authentication servers on Sept 30, just two months from now. Their advice: burn your protected music to optical discs before the shutdown, so that you can reload them on a new or upgraded PC.

Problem: in the paragraph preceding the suggestion to back up your music, they specifically state that if the music is transferred to another computer, or the operating system is upgraded, that there will be no server available to re-authenticate your digital music.

In other words, you are wasting money on optical discs and wasting your time backing up your digital music: with nothing to authenticate your music files, you will never listen to the music…which you paid for… ever again. And you thought Yahoo was stupid for not taking Microsoft’s buyout offer…

For those of you who purchased DRM music from Microsoft’s MSN Music service, you have been given a reprieve: they have reversed their decision, and will NOT shut down their authentication servers until 2011. So you have three more years to enjoy the music you paid for! YaY! Not to piss you off or anything, but I’ve got albums in my collection dating all the way back to the 1970’s, they sound better than your compressed music, and I can listen to them at any time for the rest of my life without anyone taking them away from me. Neener-neener.


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