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China is cheating?

Posted: August 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

It’s already a fact that they have cheated at the Olympics: they’ve admitted as much, although not in competition. The grand display during opening ceremonies had the world saying, "Only the Chinese could pull off fireworks like that", but we later find out that they cheated: some of the effects were simply computer-generated visuals, nobody in the stadium saw Neo dodging bullets. And the cute-as-punch little girl who sang "Ode to the Motherland"? She was lip-syncing…the little girl who actually sang the song apparently has a face made for radio. Of course, they also have said repeatedly that they’ve been working hard to clean up the air in Beijing, and it’s now "excellent" air quality for the games…but there’s at least one environmental consultant who claims this is part of a "misinformation campaign". And when you look at daytime shots around the stadium, there’s an obvious, dense cloud: the Chinese call this "fog". Well, it’s the dirtiest looking fog I’ve ever seen…

Anyway, about three weeks ago, the NY Times published a story questioning the eligibility of a couple of girls who were named to compete in gymnastics for China. Turns out that records were found showing they were under-aged. The Chinese quickly presented their passports, showing these girls were, indeed, of the competing age of 16. Of course, we all know who issued those passports, and that’s part of the point: why did these girls need passports at all? Their country is hosting the games, they’re not going anywhere.

Of course, they won the gold. I’ll let you be the judge: do they look old enough to text while driving, or young enough for Hannah Montana lunch boxes?

Also, is it just me or does the Olympics stadium look like a toilet seat designed by Eddie Van Halen…?


And the pre-season has begun!

Posted: August 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

The Seahawks haven’t had much of a ground game since Hutch left…and the first opponent this year was ranked #1 in the NFL last season defending the run, allowing an average of less than 75 yards per game, plus they upgraded their defense during the off-season. Were the ‘hawks up for the challenge? Well, Maurice Morris ran for almost that many yards in the first quarter. One might argue that these games don’t mean anything, but shhhhh! don’t say that to the players! Many are fighting to either retain or win a starting position, so the last thing the Vikings defense wants to do is give up so many yards to a team that has been widely known for a sucky ground game for two years in a row…and also royally piss off their coach. The Vikings first string can’t afford to lay down on the job here, folks: the Seahawks ground game is BACK.

A lot of people don’t like the pre-season, but I love it. I remember watching new guys years ago like Seneca Wallace and Leonard Weaver, and seeing lots of potential with a few rough edges. Everybody is working their tails off for a roster spot, which can lead to some exciting games. And now three touchdown passes from Wallace yesterday…nice show.

And remember last season when Devon Hester was returning a kick-off for a sure touchdown against the ‘hawks? Only to be laid out flat by the kicker? Hester even looked back just to make sure who the hell it was that introduced him to Field Turf and prevented yet another guaranteed six points:

Well, Josh is gone now, but we’ve got another fearless kicker… and he’s a rookie, which probably explains why he put himself in harm’s way for a perfect solo tackle to prevent what looked to be a guaranteed return for touchdown. I think Brandon Coutu made the final cut with that play alone.

And five forced fumbles, with four recovered? When was the last time you saw THAT from the ‘hawks?

Lots of other good things to say about the Seahawks performance last night. To me, it looks like they are already set to begin the regular season. Stay healthy, guys, and we’ll see you in February!

The Packers have traded Brett Favre
to the NY Jets for a fourth-round draft pick. Sounds like a really
crappy deal for Green Bay at first, but if Favre gets 50% of the snaps,
it becomes a third-round pick; if Favre gets 70% of the snaps AND the Jets make the playoffs, it becomes a second-round pick; and if Favre gets 80% of the snaps AND the Jets make it to the Super Bowl, it becomes a first-round pick.

In other words, the Packers traded one of their most-beloved players,
one of the best quarterbacks of all time, a guaranteed Hall of Fame
inductee…for a third-round draft pick.
And no other compensation, like additional draft picks, or getting one
or two players from the Jets’ roster, or cold, hard cash.

Great trade, Green Bay! And good luck to you next season!

Now let’s look at what Favre has gotten himself into…playing on the
biggest stage in the world, New York City. A place where the fans think
that Philadelphia fans go too easy on their famous sports figures. A
place where you can’t spit without hitting either a reporter asking
questions or a photographer hoping to get that million-dollar tabloid
picture. A place where they still regard Joe Namath as their greatest
quarterback. A place where you have to share a stadium with another NFL
team, but it’s their stadium…not yours. Plus, that other team won the Super Bowl last year…the same team Favre threw an interception to at the NFC Championship game last season and blew the Packer’s Super Bowl bid. Yup, great place to be for Brett…