The Favre saga is over! Or is it…?

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Uncategorized
The Packers have traded Brett Favre
to the NY Jets for a fourth-round draft pick. Sounds like a really
crappy deal for Green Bay at first, but if Favre gets 50% of the snaps,
it becomes a third-round pick; if Favre gets 70% of the snaps AND the Jets make the playoffs, it becomes a second-round pick; and if Favre gets 80% of the snaps AND the Jets make it to the Super Bowl, it becomes a first-round pick.

In other words, the Packers traded one of their most-beloved players,
one of the best quarterbacks of all time, a guaranteed Hall of Fame
inductee…for a third-round draft pick.
And no other compensation, like additional draft picks, or getting one
or two players from the Jets’ roster, or cold, hard cash.

Great trade, Green Bay! And good luck to you next season!

Now let’s look at what Favre has gotten himself into…playing on the
biggest stage in the world, New York City. A place where the fans think
that Philadelphia fans go too easy on their famous sports figures. A
place where you can’t spit without hitting either a reporter asking
questions or a photographer hoping to get that million-dollar tabloid
picture. A place where they still regard Joe Namath as their greatest
quarterback. A place where you have to share a stadium with another NFL
team, but it’s their stadium…not yours. Plus, that other team won the Super Bowl last year…the same team Favre threw an interception to at the NFC Championship game last season and blew the Packer’s Super Bowl bid. Yup, great place to be for Brett…


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