China is cheating?

Posted: August 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

It’s already a fact that they have cheated at the Olympics: they’ve admitted as much, although not in competition. The grand display during opening ceremonies had the world saying, "Only the Chinese could pull off fireworks like that", but we later find out that they cheated: some of the effects were simply computer-generated visuals, nobody in the stadium saw Neo dodging bullets. And the cute-as-punch little girl who sang "Ode to the Motherland"? She was lip-syncing…the little girl who actually sang the song apparently has a face made for radio. Of course, they also have said repeatedly that they’ve been working hard to clean up the air in Beijing, and it’s now "excellent" air quality for the games…but there’s at least one environmental consultant who claims this is part of a "misinformation campaign". And when you look at daytime shots around the stadium, there’s an obvious, dense cloud: the Chinese call this "fog". Well, it’s the dirtiest looking fog I’ve ever seen…

Anyway, about three weeks ago, the NY Times published a story questioning the eligibility of a couple of girls who were named to compete in gymnastics for China. Turns out that records were found showing they were under-aged. The Chinese quickly presented their passports, showing these girls were, indeed, of the competing age of 16. Of course, we all know who issued those passports, and that’s part of the point: why did these girls need passports at all? Their country is hosting the games, they’re not going anywhere.

Of course, they won the gold. I’ll let you be the judge: do they look old enough to text while driving, or young enough for Hannah Montana lunch boxes?

Also, is it just me or does the Olympics stadium look like a toilet seat designed by Eddie Van Halen…?

  1. Cashing says:

    Y O U   A R E   T O T A L L Y   R I G H T !

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