NFL Predictions, Week 1

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Uncategorized
I’m going for another shot this year at winning a TV with the Peter King Challenge. Last year there was one week I came close, missing only two games, but the other weeks showed I really didn’t know much about the teams I was picking. One week I even tried picking teams by the cooler-looking helmet, and hit my average. Week 1 is difficult because most players are healthy and fresh, so there are quite a few guesses going on…

Redskins over Giants: NY lost Osi, Strahan is still retired, and it’s a home game…for NY, where they couldn’t win last year.
Lions over Falcons: Detroit has started strong over the last couple of seasons before schucking, and the Falcons are still trying to clean up their mess with a new coach and new, less-experienced QB.
Seahawks over Bills: Seattle’s receiving corp is very thin, but the running game and return games both seem to be much stronger this year. All defensive starters have returned. Bills won’t be able to compensate.
Titans over Jaguars: I might switch on this one, need to read up on their teams more…but going with home field for now.
Jets over Dolphins: Miami jettisoned their best player, and NY is all pumped about playing behind one of the best QBs in history.
Patriots over Chiefs: Brady is always on the injury report, never read anything into that crap.
Bucs over Saints: Gustav has screwed up their schedule, and probably messed with their minds a little.
Eagles over Rams: Home game, and they’re hungry to start on the right foot this year.
Steelers over Texans: Home game, and c’mon…pretty easy pick, really…
Bengals over Ravens: His name really is Ocho Cinco…now. He’s going to entertain.
Cowboys over Browns: This game should be a snoozer.
Chargers over Panthers: Home game, strong team, another pretty easy pick.
Cardinals over 49ers: It took long enough to finally pick Warner to start. Niners’ best QB is their newest member.
Colts over Bears: Like the Niners, Chicago doesn’t really have a QB.
Vikings over Packers: Welcome to the starting position, Mr. Rodgers…look out for purple blurs…
Broncos over Raiders: Did you see Oakland’s final pre-season game against Seattle? Agreed that pre-season doesn’t really mean much, but doesn’t it look they’re a LOT worse than last year?


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