NFL: Welcome to Bizarro World

Posted: September 8, 2008 in Uncategorized
The Colts lost to the Bears…by 16 points!? The Seahawks lost to the Bills by 24 points!? The Lions lost to the rebuilding Falcons, losing by 13 points!? The Panthers beat the Chargers with a touchdown for the final play? What kind of a world is this?
For the Lions, Detroit fans are probably just going to blame Matt Millen…again.
Strange Sunday. By now you’ve likely heard that Tom Brady will be OOF for the rest of the year…good thing the Pats stocked up on experienced QBs during the off-season! Nate Burleson is also OOF…Hasselbeck should call Favre and ask how to throw balls to a bunch of nobodies and no-names, and still make the playoffs. Vince Young also might be OOF, but no word yet.
The way it’s looking so far, this year is anybody’s for the taking to get to the Big Dance.

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