NFL Predictions, Week 2

Posted: September 11, 2008 in Uncategorized
I feel good about my picks this week, tho’ that feeling will likely be gone by mid-Sunday afternoon…here we go again…

Bengals over Titans: Vince Young is out, and Bengals players really don’t want to go to 0-2
Steelers over Browns: Considering Pittsburgh’s performance last week, another snoozer against the Browns
Broncos over Chargers: Denver looked impressive as they destroyed Oakland last week, while SD has a bunch of banged up stars and Merriman’s OOF for the rest of the year
Packers over Lions: The last couple of years, Detroit waited till mid-season before looking pathetic…this year they got a head-start
Chiefs over Raiders: Both teams suck, but like things were going last year, I just can’t pick Oakland
Giants over Rams: St Louis can’t blame rampant injuries this time for the horrid performance they put on last week, Giant’s D looks strong
Colts over Vikings: Tough choice…Minnesota was supposed to be one QB away from being a Super Bowl contenter, while the Colts were expected to just keep on being a Super Bowl contender
Jets over Patriots: Up until last Sunday, this was supposed to be one of the most anticipated matchups of the month. Now it’s just one QB with a single start on his team, against another QB who hasn’t started a game since high school. So I’m picking the team with the QB who has had at least one start…
Cardinals over Dolphins: Is Arizona for real this year? If they can start by beating weaker teams consistently, maybe…
Seahawks over 49ers: I know, Seattle stunk up the place last week, and lost Burleson in the process. But I have to pick somebody to win, might as well be my team…
Falcons over Bucs: Garcia being shopped, and benched for Griese. Atlanta was surprising last week
Saints over Redskins: Washington is simply not good enough to beat these guys
Panthers over Bears: Another tough choice, so I’m going with home field
Jaguars over Bills: Buffalo did no better than Seattle did last week during the first half, and a trick play is hard to pull off two weeks in a row
Texans over Ravens: If this weren’t an SNF game, I definitely would be watching a different game, but it’s better than watching paint dry
Cowboys over Eagles: Game of the week, tough pick. Both of them pounded the daylights out of lesser teams last week, with Philly using a much bigger hammer. But Jessica said the ‘boys are going to kick their butts, so…


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