NFL Predictions, Week 3

Posted: September 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
Falcons over Chiefs: Isn’t KC on their third QB in as many games?
Bills over Raiders: Buffalo has been surprisingly efficient so far
Bucs over Bears: I might switch on this one, but there’s something about Chicago that gives me a bad feeling
Titans over Texans: Both teams originally hail from Houston, neither is called Oilers. Eh, I had to pick one to win, so…
Panthers over Vikings: Carolina got Steve Smith back this week, Vikings are handing the keys to Frerotte…do the math
Patriots over Dolphins: More experienced QB in Miami, but they lack in other areas
Giants over Bengals: What? I’m picking NY to actually win a home game? No, I’m just saying the Bengals suck
Redskins over Cardinals: How often does Arizona win three games in a row? And Zorn knows this team well
Broncos over Saints: Despite what people say about the whistle costing the Chargers a win last week, Denver still had to punch it in…and then did it a second time so that they wouldn’t have to go to overtime
Lions over 49ers: I might switch on this one, too. The question is, which team sucks less?
Seahawks over Rams: Because Seattle went out and got a couple of new receivers, they now suck less
Jaguars over Colts: Indy barely squeeked out last week, exclusively due to Manning, but they lost another guy.
Eagles over Steelers: After watching them on MNF, I don’t see how they can lose another game until they meet Dallas again
Ravens over Browns: It’s not that Baltimore sucks less…it’s that Cleveland simply sucks
Packers over Cowboys: My upset game of the week. Yes, I’m being serious.
Jets over Chargers: You might think this is another upset pick. Nope. Favre usually does wonderous things on national television, and San Diego seems to have a habit of blowing key plays

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