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Posted: September 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Peter King posted his picks for this weekend, and this time we only see eye-to-eye on half of them. Naturally he doesn’t agree with my upset pick (nor do the fans), but Peter thinks the Vikings with Frerotte at QB is going to completely blow away the Panthers, 30-13? On the other hand, we agree about Jags vs. Colts, while 77% of fans are picking Indy to win.

Peter had the following to say about the ‘hawks:

Not saying the Seahawks were getting to the bottom of the barrel in their search for wideouts — no team at any position has been beaten up more in the first two weeks than Seattle’s receiver group — but the next two guys scheduled to come in for workouts on Mike Holmgren‘s short list were Steve Largent and Brian Blades.

Ha-ha. Funny. That was rich. It is to laugh…


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