NFL Week 3 results…hmmm, OK…

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Uncategorized
Besides those employed by the Dolphins, did anyone think they would beat the Patriots? OK, for those seven people who did think that, did any of you think the Dolphins would rack up 38 points, winning by 25? Didn’t think so…even the Chiefs, Lions and Rams didn’t lose by 25. And now some think Randy Moss is already regressing to his infamous Raiders attitude.

Bad pick with the Lions, I should have listened to my gut and switched. You could say it can’t get any worse for Detroit, but don’t say it out loud…otherwise, they’ll try to prove you wrong. And now the Vice Chairman of the Lions is publicly saying that if he were his daddy, GM Matt Millen would be fired. Now that’s a novel idea, why hasn’t anybody else thought of this before?

Most people picked Arizona to go 3-0 this weekend. I went with history, and picked correctly.

The Cowboys have finally won at Lambeau. I went with history, and picked wrong. Oh well, I’ll probably pick wrong with the Packers all season.

In all, I got 11 of 16. Not bad, considering I picked 8 correct in week 1, and 9 correct in week 2. I’m improving.


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