NFL Week 4 Predictions

Posted: September 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

Only 13 games this week, and I’m siding with Peter King on 9 of them. In fact, on three of my picks the fans overwhelmingly picked the other team to win, so I suppose I’m predicting a multiple upset week…

Bengals over Browns: both winless, but the Bengals were far better last week, and they’re playing at home
Titans over Vikings: the first three weeks were against really lousy teams…a mirage? Maybe. But they’re defense is well balanced for both the run and the air, and their offense efficiently controls the clock
Broncos over Chiefs: fourth starting QB in four games…but they only have three QBs. Yup, back to Huard. Broncos got lucky the last two weeks cuz their defense isn’t nearly as good as their offense, but still, this one should be over by half-time unless Larry Johnson has a 200-yard game
Saints over 49ers: another team where the offense is far superior to the defense, I just don’t see the 49ers compensating for points
Jets over Cardinals: two geriatric QBs, one has a bum ankle…if that ankle doesn’t improve by Sunday, I’ll likely switch
Bucs over Packers: I picked the Bucs wrong all last year, I’m already picking the Pack wrong this year, somebody tell me home field isn’t the deciding factor…
Panthers over Falcons: I think they’re pissed about getting their star receiver back last week, and then losing. Not twice in a row, not at home, so…
Texans over Jaguars: upset pick of the week, I think it’s just their week to win one…actually, I’m counting on Schaub to be pulled at half-time, and Sage getting the win in the second half
Chargers over Raiders: SD is going to have their act together for this one
Rams over Bills: like I lamented about Arizona last week, when was the last time the Bills started 4-0…or even won four in a row? On the other hand, the Rams are God-awful…to which I say, when was the last time they started 0-4, or lost four in a row? Going with history here, folks…
Cowboys over Redskins: I was one of the few who correctly picked the ‘skins last week, but if you think they can beat the ‘boys in Dallas, you’re smoking crack
Eagles over Bears: Westbrook is hurting, McNabb hurting a little, but they have so many weapons and almost beat Dallas…and I still don’t have faith in da Bears’ QB situation, even when playing at home
Ravens over Steelers: is Baltimore’s defense back? Looks like it. And if Big Ben could get sacked six times in one half last week, I’m betting the Ravens will do it, too


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