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NFL Predictions, Week 2

Posted: September 11, 2008 in Uncategorized
I feel good about my picks this week, tho’ that feeling will likely be gone by mid-Sunday afternoon…here we go again…

Bengals over Titans: Vince Young is out, and Bengals players really don’t want to go to 0-2
Steelers over Browns: Considering Pittsburgh’s performance last week, another snoozer against the Browns
Broncos over Chargers: Denver looked impressive as they destroyed Oakland last week, while SD has a bunch of banged up stars and Merriman’s OOF for the rest of the year
Packers over Lions: The last couple of years, Detroit waited till mid-season before looking pathetic…this year they got a head-start
Chiefs over Raiders: Both teams suck, but like things were going last year, I just can’t pick Oakland
Giants over Rams: St Louis can’t blame rampant injuries this time for the horrid performance they put on last week, Giant’s D looks strong
Colts over Vikings: Tough choice…Minnesota was supposed to be one QB away from being a Super Bowl contenter, while the Colts were expected to just keep on being a Super Bowl contender
Jets over Patriots: Up until last Sunday, this was supposed to be one of the most anticipated matchups of the month. Now it’s just one QB with a single start on his team, against another QB who hasn’t started a game since high school. So I’m picking the team with the QB who has had at least one start…
Cardinals over Dolphins: Is Arizona for real this year? If they can start by beating weaker teams consistently, maybe…
Seahawks over 49ers: I know, Seattle stunk up the place last week, and lost Burleson in the process. But I have to pick somebody to win, might as well be my team…
Falcons over Bucs: Garcia being shopped, and benched for Griese. Atlanta was surprising last week
Saints over Redskins: Washington is simply not good enough to beat these guys
Panthers over Bears: Another tough choice, so I’m going with home field
Jaguars over Bills: Buffalo did no better than Seattle did last week during the first half, and a trick play is hard to pull off two weeks in a row
Texans over Ravens: If this weren’t an SNF game, I definitely would be watching a different game, but it’s better than watching paint dry
Cowboys over Eagles: Game of the week, tough pick. Both of them pounded the daylights out of lesser teams last week, with Philly using a much bigger hammer. But Jessica said the ‘boys are going to kick their butts, so…


NFL Weel 1 results…gah!

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Uncategorized
Let’s see…I was absolutely right about the Raiders, they stank last night. And I was correct that the Cowboys/Browns game would be a snoozer. Got a few other games correct, but only for a total of eight. No TV heading my way…
Looking at next weekend, it appears there are a lot of easy picks…hey! I said that last week! Gonna have to do some research before I start committing…

NFL: Welcome to Bizarro World

Posted: September 8, 2008 in Uncategorized
The Colts lost to the Bears…by 16 points!? The Seahawks lost to the Bills by 24 points!? The Lions lost to the rebuilding Falcons, losing by 13 points!? The Panthers beat the Chargers with a touchdown for the final play? What kind of a world is this?
For the Lions, Detroit fans are probably just going to blame Matt Millen…again.
Strange Sunday. By now you’ve likely heard that Tom Brady will be OOF for the rest of the year…good thing the Pats stocked up on experienced QBs during the off-season! Nate Burleson is also OOF…Hasselbeck should call Favre and ask how to throw balls to a bunch of nobodies and no-names, and still make the playoffs. Vince Young also might be OOF, but no word yet.
The way it’s looking so far, this year is anybody’s for the taking to get to the Big Dance.

NFL Season Predictions from SI

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Uncategorized
Nine writers from Sports Illustrated look into their crystal balls to see who comes out on top at the end of the season. One of them is obviously drinking at work, cuz he thinks the 49ers will win their division (the other eight picked Seattle). There are two who believe the Seahawks will get to the Big Dance, but only Michael Lombardi thinks the ‘hawks will win it. Lombardi also thinks Hasselbeck will be the league MVP, Holmgren will be Coach of the Year, and Nate Burleson will have a breakout season.  That’s nice, I’ll read Lombardi’s columns more often now…
Peter King finally has his picks up for this week’s games, and it looks like we agree on 12 of them.

NFL Predictions, Week 1

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Uncategorized
I’m going for another shot this year at winning a TV with the Peter King Challenge. Last year there was one week I came close, missing only two games, but the other weeks showed I really didn’t know much about the teams I was picking. One week I even tried picking teams by the cooler-looking helmet, and hit my average. Week 1 is difficult because most players are healthy and fresh, so there are quite a few guesses going on…

Redskins over Giants: NY lost Osi, Strahan is still retired, and it’s a home game…for NY, where they couldn’t win last year.
Lions over Falcons: Detroit has started strong over the last couple of seasons before schucking, and the Falcons are still trying to clean up their mess with a new coach and new, less-experienced QB.
Seahawks over Bills: Seattle’s receiving corp is very thin, but the running game and return games both seem to be much stronger this year. All defensive starters have returned. Bills won’t be able to compensate.
Titans over Jaguars: I might switch on this one, need to read up on their teams more…but going with home field for now.
Jets over Dolphins: Miami jettisoned their best player, and NY is all pumped about playing behind one of the best QBs in history.
Patriots over Chiefs: Brady is always on the injury report, never read anything into that crap.
Bucs over Saints: Gustav has screwed up their schedule, and probably messed with their minds a little.
Eagles over Rams: Home game, and they’re hungry to start on the right foot this year.
Steelers over Texans: Home game, and c’mon…pretty easy pick, really…
Bengals over Ravens: His name really is Ocho Cinco…now. He’s going to entertain.
Cowboys over Browns: This game should be a snoozer.
Chargers over Panthers: Home game, strong team, another pretty easy pick.
Cardinals over 49ers: It took long enough to finally pick Warner to start. Niners’ best QB is their newest member.
Colts over Bears: Like the Niners, Chicago doesn’t really have a QB.
Vikings over Packers: Welcome to the starting position, Mr. Rodgers…look out for purple blurs…
Broncos over Raiders: Did you see Oakland’s final pre-season game against Seattle? Agreed that pre-season doesn’t really mean much, but doesn’t it look they’re a LOT worse than last year?