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NFL predictions, week 9

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Uncategorized
11 of 14 wins last week came from the home team. This week, I think it’s going to be more diverse…

Jets over Bills: I think this is the week that Favre realizes that he can’t force things so much, and needs to play within the system…well, mostly…
Bears over Lions: Could this be an upset, and Detroit finally wins one? Umm…no.
Jaguars over Bengals: Could this be an upset, and Cincy finally wins one? Umm…no.
Browns over Ravens: Cleveland mixed it up on offense last week and won…mixing it up with Baltimore is going to be necessary to beat their defense, but I think they’ll do it.
Packers over Titans: What, a decisive win over the Colts doesn’t relieve them of paper-tiger status? A win over Green Bay should help. Switched: GB is coming off a BYE, two of their key defensive players are returning, Rodgers is happier this week, and the Titans only real foe so far this season was the Colts…and the Pack beat them, too.
Bucs over Chiefs: I almost want to pick KC this time. Almost.
Rams over Cardinals: St. Louis has really turned it around the last three weeks, and they want to stay in the hunt. Besides, the last time they wanted Warner to win was when he quarterbacked them to a Super Bowl…
Texans over Vikings: Tough call. I might switch on this one.
Broncos over Dolphins: Going with the very cold, thin air advantage.
Falcons over Raiders: Just a hunch.
Giants over Cowboys: Originally, this was one of the biggest games of the year. Now the statuesque Drew Bledsoe…excuse me, Brad Johnson…is under center…for a few plays, anyway.
Eagles over Seahawks: Welcome back to reality, Seattle. God, I hate saying that about my own team…
Patriots over Colts: Originally, this was one of the biggest games of the year. Now Brady is OOF, and Manning *can* be beaten. Cassell’s stats show he has been playing like a first-year Brady, which if you recall, the situation didn’t turn out too shabby for the Patriots that year…
Redskins over Steelers: Originally, this was NOT one of the biggest games of the year. Now it’s the game of the week. I think Washington will exploit Pittsburgh’s front seven, and repeatedly put Big Ben on his back…that’s the formula other teams have used to beat these guys (re: Giants last week). Yes, I’m still pissed at them…


No TV again

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
My best week ever predicting NFL games: I got 12 of 14 correct, and also got the Titans score of 31 correct (I guessed 24 for the Colts, but they only scored 21). If the Steelers hadn’t imploded for the entire 4th quarter yesterday, I quite possibly would have won a new TV, but instead it looks like the big winner this week is Brooklynnet with 13 correct (unless that person lost in the MNF tie-breaker with somebody else…no way to know for sure). Only 9 people in the top 200 on the leaderboard predicted 12 games correctly this week, and my overall score jumped a little bit more to 1835 (obviously, quite a few people picked the Colts to win).

Ahhh well…try again next week.

Damn you, Pittsburgh!

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
Up until the last seven minutes, I thought I might actually go into MNF with only one wrong game prediction! But nooOOOOooo…Pittsburgh’s offense decided they didn’t need to gain a SINGLE FUCKING YARD for the entire fourth quarter! Hey, pulling an intentional safety worked for the Saints today, BUT THEY HAD MORE THAN TWO POINTS ADVANTAGE ON THE BOARD, you fucking morons! All your safety did was to TIE the game and allow the Giants an opportunity to win on a single score! Oh…you say you didn’t mean to pull an intentional safety? You really did suck donkey balls throughout the fourth quarter? Sorry, my bad…

Ohhhh, I’m so pissed at Pittsburgh. Even if the Titans do win tomorrow, it’s unlikely I’ll win the TV cuz I’ll only have 12 of 14 games picked correctly.

However, 89% picked the Jags over the Browns, 80% picked the Bills over the Dolphins, and 76% picked the 49ers over the ‘hawks…my overall standings skyrocketed from 4300 all the way to 2115! The weird thing is that the scoreboard doesn’t reflect the Texans/Bengals game yet. However, a quick look at the leaderboard shows three different people inside the top 100 with 11 correct picks, which means everyone who already has 11 picks correct needs to have picked the Bengals to win just so I would have a shot at an MNF tie-breaker…if Pittsburgh had decided to play during the fourth quarter, at any time, I’d probably be in the running for best picks of the week!

And to think I blamed the refs at the Super Bowl…

So I’m not out of contention yet, I suppose

NFL Predictions, week 8

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Uncategorized
Just about everybody but me picked the Cowboys over the Rams last week, as well as the Colts over the Packers. However, I went a little too deep into Opposite World by picking the 49ers to beat the Giants, but I ended up with a respectable 10 out of 14. This week…

Texans over Bengals: Cincy can’t move the ball, and now they’ve possibly lost Palmer for the season. Ocho Cinco’s jersey still reads "Johnson".
Bucs over Cowboys: Chucky hates all of his QBs, especially the current geriatric under center. But Garcia has been very efficient, especially with an established ground game. Dallas has imploded: Romo’s out, Jerry’s making statements of how confident he is, T.O.’s pissed, and the head coach is taking over defensive calls…this is SO much fun to watch
Redskins over Lions: Who has the better chance of going 0-16 this year, Detroit or Cincy? My guess is Detroit…
Dolphins over Bills: Miami is better than their record indicates, and Buffalo is playing in MUCH warmer weather than what they’ve been practicing in.
Patriots over Rams: Welcome back to reality, St. Louis.
Saints over Chargers: Really tough call. But I have a feeling that Drew Brees wants SD to understand the little mistake they made a few years ago.
Jets over Chiefs: A couple of weeks ago, I picked against the Chiefs and said they could only win if they racked up 200 yards on the ground…LJ missed 200 by only two yards, and they won. Now LJ is out.
Eagles over Falcons: Another tough call, but Philly wants it more now that Dallas is imploding, and they’re playing at home.
Panthers over Cardinals: Something tells me I should pick Arizona…another something is currently beating the shit out of the first something for suggesting it…
Ravens over Raiders: Welcome back to reality, Oakland.
Browns over Jaguars: The winning something, all battered and bruised, is suggesting I pick Cleveland. I probably should find a third something…
Steelers over Giants: Tough call. Game of the week. Going with the scarred field of Pittsburgh.
Seahawks over 49ers: Mike Singletary is getting his shot! YaY! I don’t think it will be a good start for him, tho’…
Titans over Colts: Does it matter which Indy team shows up in Tennessee? Nope, the Titans want to prove their unbeaten record is not an illusion, and they want to do it on national television on their home field.

NFL Predictions, week 7

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Uncategorized
So, how many of you thought my pick of Arizona over Dallas last week was crazy? However, overall my predictions sucked…this week, you’ll think I was WAY more crazy than last week, but considering how crazy-weird this season has been so far, this week’s predictions probably makes sense when you think about it…

Bills over Chargers
Bears over Vikings
Steelers over Bengals
Titans over Chiefs
Rams over Cowboys
Dolphins over Ravens
49ers over Giants
Saints over Panthers
Texans over Lions
Packers over Colts
Jets over Raiders
Redskins over Browns
Bucs over Seahawks
Patriots over Broncos

I thought this was finally over. I thought the media finally pulled
their heads out of their collective asses and stopped spreading Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt about the upcoming digital switch for television signals. I was wrong.
In fact, the media have decided to start shoving more than one head up
a single ass. Here’s a great quote to serve as an example:

"About 15 percent of U.S. households use only analog TV sets…"

That’s IT????
My gawd, what an incredibly low percentage! If it’s only 15%, then why
the hell didn’t we make the digital switch two years ago as originally
planned? Talk to your neighbors and friends, and you’ll likely find
most of them use only analog TV sets…a lot of people are waiting
until after the Super Bowl to buy a shiny new digital TV, when the
prices drop a little bit, to coincide with the wonderful digital
transition. I’m one of those people, and I’m only going to replace one of three analog televisions…but still watch TV signals on ALL of them.

"…and could risk their screens going black as analog signals are turned off"

Which is complete bullshit if any part of that 15% are cable subscribers. My guess is that most of them are cable or satellite subscribers, so the rest will just need to get a converter box.

"Owners of analog televisions must buy a TV converter box to receive a digital signal…"

Again, complete bullshit: you will not need a converter box UNLESS you
receive your TV signal over a rooftop antenna or rabbit ears. In a
DIFFERENT PARAGRAPH they state the transition won’t affect cable
subscribers…however, their irresponsible news reporting DOES NOT
specify in said paragraph that it won’t affect cable subscribers still
using analog televisions.

Obviously, whomever wrote this article got paid by a big-name
television manufacturer to scare everybody into buying new TVs for
every room…this is the worst misinformation campaign on the digital
switch I’ve seen so far, and I thought it couldn’t get any worse than
it used to be.

Today I called a services center run by the WA government, and after a series of different phone menus, I finally reached the point of being put in the cue to talk to a human. Of course, I’m on hold listening to music while waiting…the song?

Pink Floyd’s "Run Like Hell"