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Posted: October 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

I don’t even want to talk about last week’s predictions. The only good thing from last weekend is that the Seahawks didn’t lose (of course, they had a BYE week, but that’s beside the point…). So let’s talk about T.O., shall we?

The (current) head coach of the Cowboys blamed their loss against Zorn’s Redskins on the fact that NFL glamour-boy Tony Romo called too many pass plays…way too many. In fact, on their ground game, Barbar touched the ball only eight times, and Felix didn’t get the ball at all. So what does T.O. say about this? He decides to piss and moan at Romo that he doesn’t get enough touches…only a dismal EIGHTEEN balls were thrown his way on Sunday…and that he doesn’t like the types of throws he’s been getting from his QB as far back as Week 1.

Mr. Romo, meet Mr. Bus. Owens never leaves home without it. On his radio show the other night, T.O. claimed there was no bus that he was throwing his QB under, and turned his insightful, mature wit toward a former Cowboy by referring to Keyshawn Johnson as "Sheshawn" three times.

While we’re on the subject of Cowboys players, it turns out Pacman has been told by the team to be less visible off the field. Considering that Pacman is in eighth place on the team for tackles, management obviously wants his overall visibility to be more balanced.

Closely related to the subject of the Cowboys is Jesus Christ (well, the two subjects are closely related in Dallas, anyway…). Archaeologists found a 2000-year-old bowl engraved with a phrase that could be the first known reference to Jesus. Translated it sez, "World’s Greatest Son".

The Rams haven’t won a single game this season, and their coach was fired…plus, he still gets paid for the entire year per his contract. The Raiders have won a game this year, and their coach was fired…but, he’s not going to get another dime of his contract. Yup, that sounds fair.

Of course, the reason the fired Raiders coach isn’t getting paid is because he’s a "flat-out liar". Asked to elaborate, Al Davis said,

I wanted to make it work, to be real honest. It’s my belief that I would work and it could work. I wanted to make it work.

When Davis asked why all the reporters were chuckling, unabashed laughter filled the room.

Shocking news of the week: Ricky Williams felt the urge to smoke some bud last week. On a related note, I looked at my fishbowl and wondered if my goldfish would feel the urge to swim today.


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