The latest killer deal

Posted: October 1, 2008 in Uncategorized
Most of my great deals have come from garage sailing. I check out the
"hot deals" forums around the web every couple of days looking for cool
stuff to buy at bargain prices, and occasionally find one I can take
advantage of. This deal transpired a little differently than the

Somebody posted an up-to 80%-off sale on tonneau covers at Amazon. One
of those things would have come in REALLY handy for my truck last week
on my trip to Mt. Rainier, so I figured I would get use out of having
one in the future. Alas, no deals for my specific truck (an ’06 Tacoma).

However, I decided to see what other items were available at Amazon
that would specifically fit my truck, so I started flipping through
pages and noticed one item with an unbelievably low price: a pair of Westin "Signature Series" chrome step bars, for just $63.65 with free shipping, and $5.73 in sales tax. Other e-commerce sites charge almost that much just for shipping.
First thought: major price mistake, they will never honor the purchase.
Second thought: what have I got to lose by trying? Third thought: buy
both pairs, and resell one pair thru Craig’s List or whatever for the
low, low price of just $200. Fourth thought: order one pair now, reduce
the risk of cancelation, and buy the other pair if the price doesn’t
change after the first pair has shipped.

Result: the first pair shipped.
I checked Amazon as soon as that happened, and sure enough, the price
was adjusted to a far more believable $383…but my invoice still shows
$63.65 + tax. They lost $320 on this sale, but I’m pretty certain they
would not tolerate losing $640, and would have canceled the entire
order if I tried buying both pairs. The fourth thought WINS (followed closely by the second thought…).


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