NFL Week 5 predictions

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

Going against conventional wisdom for some games this week, considering how upside-down everything was last week.

Cowboys over Bengals: losing to your arch-rival, on your home turf, is painful enough. Losing to Ocho Cinco and letting him kiss the star? Not an option.
Bucs over Broncos: tough choice, Denver’s D is finally exposed, but the game is at Mile High. I might switch on this one.
Bears over Lions: finally jettisoning Millen is not going to help against Chicago’s D.
Falcons over Packers: Rodger’s throwing shoulder is severely limiting his practice, and it may force him out of the game before half-time.
Dolphins over Chargers: Miami smushed the Pats by 25, they’re coming off a BYE, playing at home…why wouldn’t they be able to beat SD?
Seahawks over Giants: both are coming off a BYE, but two points: Seattle is getting back a few key players (like Engram and Branch), and the Giants had a heckuva time winning in their own stadium last year.
Redskins over Eagles: Philly is already getting banged up, while the ‘skins have majorly boosted confidence after beating the Cowboys down in Dallas, and riding up with a 3-1 record.
Cardinals over Bills: going with history…I don’t think the Bills have ever started 5-0, and Warner should get even more yards than last week if he doesn’t lose the ball again.
Patriots over 49ers: after losing only one game for an entire season, then getting soundly beaten by a team that won only one game for an entire season, what do you do? You punish the 49ers for that loss, that’s what you do…
Panthers over Chiefs: back to reality, KC fans.
Jaguars over Steelers: the classic smash-mouth football team doesn’t have a running game this week. Even Big Ben is a little banged up.
Ravens over Titans: going with history again…a 5-0 start? Not likely, especially against a defense like Baltimore’s.
Colts over Texans: time for Indy to get back on the horse.
Saints over Vikings: Vikings were paper Super Bowl contenders during the off-season. Brees is going to tear that piece of paper even further.


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