Hyper-alert television viewers?

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Uncategorized
OK, so the blog title is a direct opposite of the classic ideal of the
"couch potatoe" (hey, I’m a Dan Quayle fan, ‘k?). When it comes to TV
advertising, did you know there was some research study discipline
known as "neuromarketing"? Me
neither. But somebody designed this thingy to measure heart rate,
breathing rate, eye-tracking, motion detect and, um…emotional
arousal…while watching TV. And it was applied specifically in this article
to gauge alertness of viewers when fast-forwarding thru commercials
using <unnamed digital video recording device>. Gee, I wonder
which DVR device they used for the study…anyway, seems that some
people actually remember commercials when fast-forwarding at either 3x
or 6x the time of normal speed, and advertisers are going to try and
craft their commercials to be more noticeable for this type of viewer
(and probably annoy those who are not using a DVR even more than ever before).

Well, this all doesn’t bode well for TV advertisers who are trying to
reach DVR people who use MCE…when I hit the skip button on my remote
control, I instantaneously jump 30 seconds: there is no 3x or 6x
fast-forwarding scan for my TV viewing pleasure, I move directly to the
next commercial or right back into the show. And I’m proud to say that
I don’t recall a single advertiser of any show I watch on my DVR
machine, simply cuz I don’t see their commercials at all (except for
those times I over-skip, back up, etc).

So, how about that Sarah Palin on TV earlier,
huh? Wow, she’s a looker, she is. Great smile. Nice hair. Sharp talk.
Oooozes confidence. Great personality and projection…she should run
for public office or something…

Darth Vader is finally getting a SAG Award.
It’s a lifetime achievement award. As I understand it, the award didn’t
come sooner because previous judges for the award were found
mysteriously asphyxiated to death…

I finally saw The Dark Knight two weeks ago. My gawd, all the positive
chatter about Heath Ledger’s performance didn’t do him justice. He was
truly amazing. In fact, I had to keep reminding myself that I was
watching Heath Fraking Ledger, cuz every time I saw him on the screen I thought of this woman…


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