NFL Predictions, week 8

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Uncategorized
Just about everybody but me picked the Cowboys over the Rams last week, as well as the Colts over the Packers. However, I went a little too deep into Opposite World by picking the 49ers to beat the Giants, but I ended up with a respectable 10 out of 14. This week…

Texans over Bengals: Cincy can’t move the ball, and now they’ve possibly lost Palmer for the season. Ocho Cinco’s jersey still reads "Johnson".
Bucs over Cowboys: Chucky hates all of his QBs, especially the current geriatric under center. But Garcia has been very efficient, especially with an established ground game. Dallas has imploded: Romo’s out, Jerry’s making statements of how confident he is, T.O.’s pissed, and the head coach is taking over defensive calls…this is SO much fun to watch
Redskins over Lions: Who has the better chance of going 0-16 this year, Detroit or Cincy? My guess is Detroit…
Dolphins over Bills: Miami is better than their record indicates, and Buffalo is playing in MUCH warmer weather than what they’ve been practicing in.
Patriots over Rams: Welcome back to reality, St. Louis.
Saints over Chargers: Really tough call. But I have a feeling that Drew Brees wants SD to understand the little mistake they made a few years ago.
Jets over Chiefs: A couple of weeks ago, I picked against the Chiefs and said they could only win if they racked up 200 yards on the ground…LJ missed 200 by only two yards, and they won. Now LJ is out.
Eagles over Falcons: Another tough call, but Philly wants it more now that Dallas is imploding, and they’re playing at home.
Panthers over Cardinals: Something tells me I should pick Arizona…another something is currently beating the shit out of the first something for suggesting it…
Ravens over Raiders: Welcome back to reality, Oakland.
Browns over Jaguars: The winning something, all battered and bruised, is suggesting I pick Cleveland. I probably should find a third something…
Steelers over Giants: Tough call. Game of the week. Going with the scarred field of Pittsburgh.
Seahawks over 49ers: Mike Singletary is getting his shot! YaY! I don’t think it will be a good start for him, tho’…
Titans over Colts: Does it matter which Indy team shows up in Tennessee? Nope, the Titans want to prove their unbeaten record is not an illusion, and they want to do it on national television on their home field.


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