Damn you, Pittsburgh!

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
Up until the last seven minutes, I thought I might actually go into MNF with only one wrong game prediction! But nooOOOOooo…Pittsburgh’s offense decided they didn’t need to gain a SINGLE FUCKING YARD for the entire fourth quarter! Hey, pulling an intentional safety worked for the Saints today, BUT THEY HAD MORE THAN TWO POINTS ADVANTAGE ON THE BOARD, you fucking morons! All your safety did was to TIE the game and allow the Giants an opportunity to win on a single score! Oh…you say you didn’t mean to pull an intentional safety? You really did suck donkey balls throughout the fourth quarter? Sorry, my bad…

Ohhhh, I’m so pissed at Pittsburgh. Even if the Titans do win tomorrow, it’s unlikely I’ll win the TV cuz I’ll only have 12 of 14 games picked correctly.

However, 89% picked the Jags over the Browns, 80% picked the Bills over the Dolphins, and 76% picked the 49ers over the ‘hawks…my overall standings skyrocketed from 4300 all the way to 2115! The weird thing is that the scoreboard doesn’t reflect the Texans/Bengals game yet. However, a quick look at the leaderboard shows three different people inside the top 100 with 11 correct picks, which means everyone who already has 11 picks correct needs to have picked the Bengals to win just so I would have a shot at an MNF tie-breaker…if Pittsburgh had decided to play during the fourth quarter, at any time, I’d probably be in the running for best picks of the week!

And to think I blamed the refs at the Super Bowl…

So I’m not out of contention yet, I suppose


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